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What is "Monsters of Oak Mountain"?

The Arc Dream Publishing roleplaying game Monsters and Other Childish Things is about kids whose best friends are scary monsters from beyond time and space. Well, at Oak Mountain Intermediate School in Birmingham, Ala., we found a whole class of fifth-graders who had monster friends!

The kids drew and wrote about their monster buddies, and now — with the kind permission of their parents and the school (hi, Mrs. Schultz!) — we're turning them over to fans of our game to come up with monster stats according to Monsters and Other Childish Things.

We even made it a contest — the gamer who did our favorite set of stats won a custom piece of artwork by Monsters and Other Childish Things artist Rob Mansperger. The contest winner was Matthew B., who did stats for EVERY SINGLE ONE of the Monsters of Oak Mountain.

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