Pelgrane Press Unveils the New Yellow King RPG!


Robin D. Laws and Pelgrane Press have just begun a Kickstarter for a new RPG: The Yellow King Roleplaying Game.

Inspired by Robert W. Chambers’ influential cycle of short stories, YKRPG pits the characters against the reality-altering horror of The King in Yellow. This suppressed play, once read, invites madness. Or a visit from its titular character, an alien ruler intent on invading and remolding our world into a colony of their planet, Carcosa. Four books, served up together in a beautiful slipcase, confront your players with an epic journey into reality horror…

The Yellow King RPG is based on the GUMSHOE system and the game looks beautifully madness inducing! It arrives as four separate books in a slip case, one for each era of play. And a distinct artist and art style for each book.

And as it’s already met it’s goal, you have no worries about whether or not this horrific beauty is going to be released.

Check out their video and the Kickstarter for more info.