UPDATED: 960 Pre-generated Characters for Your Delta Green Game

Our friends over on the Delta Green subreddit have been hard at work, specifically Agents jets_or_chasm and _morlock_ .

Using data gathered from the 1986 American census (to make sure names would be period accurate for agents in their 30’s today) and a little programming, they’ve managed to create 800….yes 800, pre-generated agents agents for players to use in Delta Green games.

UPDATE: Agent simon-brunning has updated this list so that it is now 960 pre-generated characters. He also added “distinguishing features” for ability scores that are above and below average.

The new PDF can be found here.

We will keep the old link to the original PDF as well.

Languages and optional skills have been left blank for players and Handlers to decide on.

Here is the Google Drive link to the PDF.

The entire post is also stickied on the Delta Green subreddit.

Good luck out there players, hopefully you won’t need all 800 agents. If the sheets are updated, we’ll be sure to change the link above.