RPPR’s Delta Green Campaign: God’s Teeth

Starting in October of 2015, the good gamers over at RPPR began a Delta Green campaign called “God’s Teeth” that can be summed up accordingly:
What kind of job is too small for DG, yet only fit for a DG agent? Nothing but nightmares and hard choices face the group as they go forth and learn why they’ve really been chosen…and by what.
And now this month it has finally come to a close. The campaign happens in 7 episodes, plus one as a “post mortem” wrap-up of the game. It covers a lot of territory and explores all aspects of the new version of Delta Green; Bonds, Sanity, Combat, and Injury all get their turn in the spotlight.  Go take a listen and see what kind of horrors await players and handlers alike.

Episode 1 – Go Forth

Episode 2 – Red Thoughts

Episode 3 – God’s Eye

Episode 4 – God’s Breath pt  1.

Episode 5 – God’s Breath pt 2.

Episode 6 – God’s Legs

Episode 7 – God’s Madness

Episode 8 – Post Mortem