‘Fox Hunt’ and ‘GODLIKE’ Quick Rules in ‘Gygax’ Issue 5

We are very excited to announce a special feature in Gygax Magazine 5: The Godlike scenario “Fox Hunt” and a quick-play rules kit, ready to play!

The special feature includes “Fox Hunt,” a scenario that puts a Talent commando team behind the lines in France on a momumental mission the night before D-Day; a front-and-back rules card with everything you need to play GODLIKE; and a team of pregenerated characters. Get Gygax 5 and play today.

Broadway Jay, a Godlike character in Fox Hunt

Update — Maps for Game-Play

Here are two maps that I mocked up for running “Fox Hunt.” One’s based on a 1944 Michelin map and the other is taken from Google Earth, so they’re for personal use only!



‘Fox Hunt’ Errata

A layout error listed the wrong name and stats on one of the pregens. Here’s what “Boston” ought to look like.

Pvt. Eddie Kessler, aka ‘Boston’

Age 33, Ht 6’3”, Wt 215 lbs

Nationality American

Education High school

Dependents None

Motivations Finish your stint and move on. (When you get fed up being stuck here, booze or a brawl might make it better for a while.)

Body 3 Coordination 2 Sense 2

Brains 2 Command 1 Cool 2

(Due to his high Body score, Kessler has one bonus wound box on his torso.)

Skills Anti-Tank Rocket 2 (4d), Athletics 2 (5d), Brawl 3 (6d), Climb 1 (4d), Cryptography 1 (3d), Dodge 2 (4d), Endurance 2 (5d), Explosives 1 (3d), Grenade 1 (3d), Hearing 1 (3d), Knife-Fighting 2 (5d), Machine Gun 1 (3d), Map Reading 1 (3d), Mechanics 2 (4d), Mental Stability 2 (4d), Mortar 1 (3d), Navigation (Land) 1 (3d), Navigation (Sea/Air) 2 (4d), Parachuting 1 (3d), Pistol 1 (3d), Radio Operation 1 (3d), Rifle 2 (4d), Run 1 (4d), Sailing 1 (3d), Stealth 1 (3d), Submachine Gun 1 (3d), Survival 1 (3d)

Languages English (native) 2 (4d)

Base Will 3

Background Burly and thick-handed with dark hair and deep-set dark eyes, you were a high school football star but you didn’t have the money for college or the grades or connections for a scholarship. You went into the merchant marine, but hated it so much that after a year you vowed never to go to sea again. You even volunteered for the Army in 1942 to avoid getting drafted into the Navy. You can’t stand to stay in one job or one place long; sooner or later you get lazy and start drinking and getting in fights. You plan to put in your time, avoid losing life or limb, and move on when your enlistment is up. That plan has gotten harder. Your power appeared in North Africa at the end of 1942, when you had to hurdle a taller-than-expected pile of rocks in a firefight. By that time you were already sick of the Army and wanted out, and when you took the leap you just kept going up. When you were half a mile in the air you had to think about it a while before you decided to come down. You didn’t want to risk a court-martial for desertion. After you were transferred to Achnacarry for TOG training, a British instructor nicknamed you after the “Boston” attack-bomber plane. The fact that you were born and raised in Dorchester was a happy coincidence.

Download Gygax 5 and play “Fox Hunt” today.