Puppetland returns in a color hardback at Kickstarter

Arc Dream Publishing and John Scott Tynes are proud to present an expanded, full-color, hardback storybook edition of Puppetland, a storytelling game with strings in a grim world of make-believe. This new edition features a gorgeous cover painting by Alejandro Terán, color interior paintings by Samuel Araya, and sketch illustrations by Raven Mimura and Hannah Kennedy. Back it at Kickstarter and reserve your copy now!

“The skies are dim always since the Maker died. Once the golden lights of Puppettown were the brightest beacons in all of Puppetland but now they gutter under blood-red glass. Once the sun and the moon moved their normal courses through the heavens but now they are fixed in place, the faltering moon above and the cracked and peeling sun somewhere down below. The rise of Punch the Maker-Killer has brought all of nature to a stop, leaving it perpetually winter, perpetually night. Puppets the length and breadth of Puppetland mourn the loss of the Maker and curse the name of Punch — but not too loudly, lest the nutcrackers hear and come to call with a sharp rap-rap-rapping at the door.”

Puppetland cover