Seek the Golden Fleece in ‘Blood of the Gods’

We have updated Blood of the GodsDr. Paul Mitchener’s epic Wild Talents sourcebook of heroic action in mythic ancient Greece. In Blood of the Gods the players’ heroes and heroines are descended from the gods and goddesses themselves and hold the gods and goddesses as personal patrons. As demigods the player characters derive incredible supernatural powers from both ancestor and patron. They face all the dangers and wonders of ancient myth.

The new update adds new material on roleplaying the culture of archaic Greece and a new adventure, “The Golden Fleece,” where your heroes can undertake a quest to achieve the magical golden fleece of Colchis and save beloved Athens from disaster.


  • Heroes and Antagonists (new skills, weapons, the Divine Hero archetype)
  • Gods and Religion (hubris, contact with the gods, gods and titans, Olympian gods and goddesses)
  • Gifts (divine powers built with Wild Talents rules)
  • Ancient Greek Culture and Beliefs (divine heroes, the polis, philosophy and technology, women in mythic Greece, and more)
  • Real and Mythical Places (from Argos to the Underworld)
  • Events (an overview of the 6th century BCE)
  • Example Characters (seven heroes ready to play)
  • Monsters (16 creatures from Greek myth)
  • Sample Adventure: Funeral Games (intrigue and heroism—which will win out?)
  • Sample Adventure: The Golden Fleece (follow the path of Jason of the Argonauts!)
  • Adventure Seeds (six ideas to build new adventures and campaigns)

Download Blood of the Gods and make your own myths and legends today.