NO SOUL LEFT BEHIND: Playtesters needed for ‘Better Angels’

Better Angels coverFor the last few months, Caleb Stokes (No Security) has been running a Better Angels campaign called “The Spared and the Spoiled.” You can listen to it on the RPPR Actual Play Podcast.

But as fun as that is, it’s just the beginning — the fruit with which we tempt you to evil. We are fiendishly pleased to announce that we plan to publish Caleb’s campaign as a full-length Better Angels sourcebook under the title No Soul Left Behind

It’ll be coming to Kickstarter soon. But in the meantime we need playtesters! If you have Better Angels and you have a few friends willing to play it and make notes as they go, we need your help. Email with “‘No Soul’ Playtesting” in the subject field to sign up. We’ll send detailed instructions and guidelines starting Monday, 19 May 2014.

If you playtest one or two scenarios from No Soul Left Behind—and send us playtest reports as instructed—we’ll send the final PDF edition free to you and each friend who helped you playtest it. If you playtest three or more scenarios, we’ll also send you one copy in print, free. Or if you playtest five or more scenarios we’ll send two copies in print. Of course every playtester will be listed as such in the book’s acknowledgements.

What are you in for? Listen as Caleb himself teaches to the test:



. . .



Are you still here? Send that email and sign up now!

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