The ‘Good,’ the ‘Bad,’ and the HUNKY

A complete adventure for Greg Stolze’s supervillain roleplaying game Better Angels is now available. Order “The ‘Good,’ the ‘Bad,’ and the Hunky” in PDF now and get it in ePub and Mobi formats in the same download.

The supervillain Stargazer has a plan. He’s getting old and villainy just isn’t as rewarding anymore, and he’s come up with a way to make everything better. He just needs a hand from some fellow supervillains.

The superheroine Chainsaw Sue has a plan, too. Her plan is to chainsaw supervillains. And disturbers of the peace. And pretty much anybody else who annoys her. Chainsaw Sue is not the most heroic of superheroines.

Throw in an Occupy Wall Street protest and a fashion show and you have all the ingredients for a night full of scheming, hilarity, dismemberment, and demon possession for Better Angels. Just add player characters.

Better Angels is Greg Stolze’s supervillain roleplaying game, available from Arc Dream Publishing. Visit Arc Dream’s website for dozens of sample characters, new powers and aspects, scenario seeds and more. Listen to a playtest of “The ‘Good,’ the ‘Bad,’ and the Hunky” at RPPR.