The Inviso-Gun — A New Gadget for ‘Better Angels’


Written by Greg Stolze, © 2013

You point the Inviso-Gun at someone (or something up to the size of a Lincoln Navigator sport-ute), pull the trigger, and it turns invisible.  But this is not, alas, as fully functional an invisibility as the Aspect from page 86 in Better Angels.  Demons who can turn invisible know what they’re doing and have a sense of where their bodies are when blanked out.  Normal people tend to be a bit klutzy when they can’t visually place their bodies in relation to the landscape.

People hit with the Inviso-Gun get +3 surprise Advantage on all actions where being unseen is helpful, until people know they’re there, at which point it drops to +1.  However, any action that requires them to move with haste or precision faces Difficulty 3, even if they get Advantage on it.

The Inviso-Gun is fired using a pool made up of Sly Cowardice. Shots from the Inviso-Gun last a number of rounds equal to the Width of the roll.

You know what this doodad is really good for, though?  Car chases.  How often do cops hear the phrase “I just didn’t see him!” when assembling traffic-crash witness statements?  Real often.  If you invisiblize someone’s car during a high-speed chase, that person has to make a Sly Endurance roll every round to avoid crashing.  This roll is at Difficulty 3, remember.  That could be higher if the person needs corrective lenses, which have no effect when they’re invisible too.  (Really, invisible people should be blind.  It’s a mystery why they aren’t.)  If the roll fails, the GM can slide a point off a Tactic or even erase a dot altogether to represent the crash trauma.

Written by Greg Stolze, © 2013