‘Better Angels’ Powers and Aspects

Here’s a handy summary of the powers and aspects available to player characters in the Better Angels rulebook.


A supervillain can use powers whether the demon is active or not. Each is based on a particular Sinister Tactic.

Better-Angels-alchemyAlchemy (Greed)

Roll Cunning Greed to attack by transforming someone. To bribe someone with Generosity, change 1D to 1MD if your Greed is at least as high as your Generosity.

Animal Form (Espionage)

Roll Cunning Espionage to change shape. The higher your Espionage, the more effectively you can take the animal form. See page 73.

Armor (Cowardice)

Roll Open Cowardice to activate Armor for the rest of the scene. It reduces the Width of physical attacks on you by one. Physical weapons no longer give Width bonuses to injure you.

Arrogance (Cowardice)

Any attempt to persuade you using Nurture, Honesty, Deceit or Corruption has its Height reduced by your Cowardice rating. If this reduces the set’s Height to zero, the attempt fails.

Banish (Cowardice)

To attack, roll Sly Cowardice. The first attack in a scene gains +3 Advantage from surprise; all further attacks that scene gain +1 Advantage from surprise.

Body Control (Deceit)

Roll Devious Deceit to force someone to obey a command with Height in words for the rest of the scene. Disobeying costs a point of Nurture.

Clairvoyance (Espionage)

Roll Patient Espionage to scan at a distance of one mile per point of Espionage.

Crime-Time (Greed)

Read the description here. Roll Cunning Greed to take about sixty seconds’ worth of actions that can earn you a bonus for surprise. The bonus is worth +1 to +3 Advantage (GM’s decision), depending on what you described.

Dead Ringer (Deceit)

Roll Insightful Deceit to look like a specific person for the rest of the scene, or until you halt the effect or use Dead Ringer to look like someone else. Spotting the deception takes a Cunning Espionage roll at Difficulty 5; or an Insightful Honesty roll at Difficulty equal to your Espionage if you speak to them and they know the subject well.

Dominator Strike (Cruelty)

Roll Sly Cruelty with +1 Advantage to attack. It always uses Cruelty, never Courage. Dominator Strike is also Persistent, Fearsome, Enervating, Hot, Stunning, or Nasty; see page 75.

Impossible Beauty (Corruption)

Roll Devious Corruption to gain Advantage equal to the roll’s Width for the rest of the scene to Corruption or Deceit rolls made to influence people.

Ineffable Defense (Espionage)

Any rolls that use surprise or secrets for bonuses against you have their bonuses reduced by your Espionage score.

Psychic Objects (Greed)

Roll Cunning Greed to create an object that lasts until the end of the scene. You can produce a number of objects in one scene equal to your Greed score. The greater your Greed, the larger the object; see page 77.

Regeneration (Cowardice)

See the power description here. Roll Open Cowardice to restore and dots that were slid or lost in Open and Sly to the levels they held when the scene began.

Summon (Greed)

To summon an object or to attack, roll Cunning Greed. The first time it’s used to attack in a scene, it gets +1 Advantage for surprise and +1 Advantage as a weapon bonus. After the first time in the scene, it gets the +1 bonus as a weapon.

Telekinesis (Deceit)

To attack or lift something or someone, roll Insightful Deceit. The first time you use it against someone who hasn’t seen or heard about your power it gains a +2 surprise Advantage and a +1 weapon Advantage. After that it gains only +1 for surprise and +1 as a weapon. You can lift about 100 pounds per point of Deceit and move things at about the pace of a brisk walk.

Teleport Self (Corruption)

Roll Insightful Corruption to teleport. The range is about one mile per point of Corruption. If teleporting lets you surprise an enemy, it gives you +1 Advantage for surprise.

Terror (Cruelty)

Roll Devious Cruelty against one target’s Insightful Nurture to remove one point of Courage from the target. When the target’s Courage hits zero, Terror has no further effect.

That Hideous Strength (Cruelty)

Gain +1 weapon Advantage with hand-to-hand attacks for Cruelty 1, +2 for Cruelty 2 or 3, or +3 for Cruelty 4 or 5. You can perform impossible feats of strength; see page 80.

Wither (Corruption)

Roll Devious Corruption to grab someone and slide a point of Open to Sly. Advantage applies from surprise but not from secrets or a weapon. The attack can be dodged or blocked normally.


Each aspect is based on a particular Sinister Strategy. An aspect can be activated only with the cooperation of the demon, and only if the aspect’s governing Strategy is greater than zero. The supervillain can ask for the aspect to be activated, and must “pay” for it by sliding one point off a Virtuous Strategy. Or the demon can activate the aspect without the villain’s permission, but this requires rolling a set with the governing Strategy (just the Strategy’s dice) and it slides a point off that Strategy to its Virtuous opposite.

Aqua-Form (Sly)

Read the description here. Change into water. Weapons that depend on physical impact (bullets, blades, automobiles) lose their Advantage bonus for attacks against you. However, explosives, fire and cold-based attacks have their Height increased by 1. You can also fit through tiny gaps, resist being pushed or pulled around, etc.

Carapace (Sly)

Every physical attack on you has its Height reduced by your Sly. If Height goes to zero the attack fails.

Cloven Hooves (Cunning)

Doesn’t necessarily give you actual hooves. Make an arrangement with a victim. When the agreed circumstances occur, the victim gains +1MD to one Strategy for the rest of the scene. After that scene, the victim loses a point from a Strategy of your demon’s choice and you gain a point to a Sinister Tactic of your demon’s choice. If the victim dies while using that +1MD, you get a free point of Cunning and your demon claims the victim’s soul in the afterlife.

Darkness-Shrouded (Devious)

Inky darkness radiates 10 feet from you for every point of Devious. You can see through it. You can permit one extra person per point of Devious to see in the darkness. Attacks against enemies who can’t see gain +1 Advantage from surprise. No one outside the darkness can gain surprise bonuses against you or your allies in the darkness. Any attack into the darkness is at Difficulty equal to your Devious.

Flame-Wreathed (Devious)

Anyone who hits you hand-to-hand must slide a point of Courage unless they’re somehow protected from fire. When you make hand-to-hand attacks, add Devious to Open Cruelty. This can raise your dice pool beyond 10 dice.

Ghost Form (Cunning)

You can activate and deactivate Ghost Form once per point of Devious. It takes an action to activate it or deactivate it but does not require a roll. At the end of the scene it automatically wears off.

Giant (Sly)

For the rest of the scene, you grow about five feet taller per point of Sly. You get all the effects of the power That Hideous Strength, but based on Sly. When you take damage that would affect Open or Sly, you can choose which it affects.

Glory (Devious)

Read the description here. Every social action you take has its Height increased by an amount equal to your Devious score.  If the Height exceeds 10, the action becomes immune to Gobble Dice.

Better-Angels-wingsHorned (Sly)

Add Sly to the Height of hand-to-hand attacks. If this boosts Height above 10, that attack roll is immune to gobble dice.

Invisible (Devious)

Gain +3 Advantage from surprise on all actions where being unseen is a plus—until people realize you’re there. Then the bonus drops to +1. Add Devious to Cunning Greed rolls when attempting to hide, on top of all surprise bonuses.

An Utmost Foulness (Cunning)

Read the description here. Gain a weapon or tool Advantage equal to half your Cunning score (round up) by changing your body into whatever shape you need.

Wings (Cunning)

The greater your Cunning, the faster you can fly; see page 86. Once per scene, when you’re hit you can declare that it hit your wings instead of your body. You lose the use of Wings for the rest of the scene but take no damage from the attack.