Arc Dream Events at GenCon 2012

The GenCon 2012 event listings are live! Arc Dream has 16 games and three panels planned. Click here to see the listings (you need to sign in first).

Our games this year include Delta Green, The Kerberos Club (FATE), Godlike (including playtests from the upcoming D-Day campaign book Day of Days), Wild Talents in several settings covering both superheroes, science fiction, and horror, Monsters and Other Childish Things, and A Dirty World.

Our panels include:

  • Delta Green: The Roleplaying Game, with the Delta Green RPG development team — Dennis Detwiller, Adam Scott Glancy, Kenneth Hite, Shane Ivey, and Greg Stolze.
  • Superheroes in Alternate History, with Dennis Detwiller, Ken Hite, Shane Ivey, and Greg Stolze.
  • Zombie Horror in Roleplaying Games, with Ross Payton, Dennis Detwiller, Kenneth Hite, and George Valisakos.

Our registered games sold out fast last year, so sign up as soon as the system lets you.