Arc Dream welcomes Ross Payton and James Knevitt

We’re pleased to make a couple of long-overdue personnel announcements.

ROSS PAYTON is stepping up as community coordinator for Arc Dream Publishing. He’ll be setting up and running a demo volunteer program to encourage gamers to show off our games at game stores and conventions, and he’ll also be helping us keep up with message boards and social media to make sure we stay engaged with the gamers who are the heart of our work.

Ross already helps us produce Unspeakable!, the podcast of The Unspeakable Oath, and of course he has written two terrific Monsters and Other Childish Things supplements, Curriculum of Conspiracy and the Ennie Award-nominated Road Trip, so he’s not exactly a stranger around here. Ross also runs the fun gaming podcast Role Playing Public Radio and is the author of Zombies of the World.

JAMES KNEVITT is stepping aboard as One Roll Engine line editor. James has worked with Arc Dream for years on any number of projects, so the only change here is that he will be more involved as point man for projects in our One Roll Engine lines — Godlike, Wild Talents, Monsters and Other Childish Things, Better Angels, and so on.

In addition to his work with Arc Dream, James has also edited for Cubicle 7 Entertainment and Posthuman Studios. He knows his way around great games. I’m very happy that he’s going to help us develop new projects and keep them on track.

James and Ross, thank you for the help!

Shane Ivey
Arc Dream  Publishing