Night of the Necromancer

An adventure seed for GODLIKE. By Benjamin Baugh, (c) 2002.

As the Allies began to threaten Paris, and as the resistance became increasingly destructive, many German officers who had brought their wives down began to fear for their safty. Early in ’43, a group of seven wives with military escort was dispatched back to Germany. The caravan of half tracks and command cars is diverted by a destroyed bridge, and ends up in a small pastoral French town surounded by a strange odor.

Meanwile, OSS Operative #1022 has just acquired microfilm containing blueprints for a device known only by it’s codename: ‘Philus’. Known to have been developed by German rocket scientists, it is feared be a guided rocket. He is keeping to the back-roads, making his way to the coast where he will be retrived by a submarine. But he has stopped off in a charming little french town, almost untouched by the war…other than the strange smell hovering about the place.

The Germans take the town’s only Inn as their Billet, and the Operative wisely allows them to do so, sleeing in the barn instead. All are retiring for bed, when all hell breaks loose.

With the setting sun, from evey dark corner, celler, and well walkign corpses swarm. Some French, some German, some unrecognizable- they set to tearing the Germans apart. Even the Innkeep turns out to be a zombie.

The Germans radio feverishly on an open channel for help, anouncing their plight. The Operative keeps to the roofs and locates a resistance transmitter, calling for help in a code of seemingly random chatter.

Two groups answer the call.

A British Talent & Commando group (with US a few Talents if you’re so inclined) and a ‹berkommando extraction force. Both teams are hard, both are tough, and both are walking into hell. The Allies are looking for Operative #1022, the Germans are looking for the wives of invluential officers.

The talents detect a massive Talent power in operation at the center of the village as soon as they see it burning in the night. A sickening force has corrupted the cycle of life and death, and made corpses into weapons. Penetrate into the town, subdue or kill The Necromancer (and certainly prevent him falling into the hands of the enemy), resuce the Operative, and confront the Uberkommandos.


Characters are built using the 50pt power scale, but use the full sudden-death and dismemberment rules of High Realism.

There should be one Uberkommando for each talent, and twice as many regular victims… er… soldiers as talents.

The Necromancer is hole up in the Inn at town center. All the Germans are dead, and he’s having fun tormenting the wives. The Operative is sticking to the roofs, using his gun to Gobble attack dice from the Necromancer’s powers (by shooting zombies in the head and such).

The Necromancer (80pts)

Real Name: Unknown (he is about an inch away from being a Mad Talent anyway…he hardly remembers his own name).

Nationality: Polish


Body 1
Coordination 2
Brains 2
Command 2
Cool 3
Senses 2


Brawl: 2
Pistol: 2
Language: French
Language: Polish
Throwing: 2
Ride: 3
Mental Stability: 4 +2hd (6pts)
Dodge: 4
Hear: 1


Army of the Dead (as Harm) 10d (54 pts)

Extra: Always On (+1/2/4)
Extra: Friendly Fire (+2/4/8)
Extra: Unconsious (+1/2/4)
Extra: Special Radius (8 1000 yards) +24 points.*
Extra: Splash and Spread (+2/4/8)

Flaw: Noxious (like Glow or Loud, but smell) (-1/2/4)
Flaw: Beacon(-1/2/4)
Flaw: Requires Corpses (-3/6/12)*
Flaw: Graphic (-1/2/4)
Flaw: Surface Only (-2/-4/-8)**

Final Cost: 3/6/12 + 24***

* Requires Corpses- each Harm die requires at least one corpse close
by, and each Radius level up to 3 requores an additional corpse.
Radius levels beyond 2 requires 5 additional corpses. So with 10
dice of Army of the Dead you would need (10+3+20) 33 corpses.

** Because the power manifests through zombies, it can’t be used to
attack targets a zombie couldn’t reach… so fliers ten feet up, guys
in second story windows of buildings w/o stairs, or insubstantial
foes are automatically immune.

*** I’m not sure how these point-cost extras get reduced by Flaws, so
I didn’t reduce it.

Base Will: 25

If you want to make the Necromancer even worse, raise his points to 100, and throw in some Ghost (requiring he project his mind into and animate a corpse), or Imaginary Friend (limited to animating a corpse for an especialy nasty zombie buddy) or perhaps even sicker, Heavy Armor w/o Always On with Attached Graphic Hyperbody — a suit of animated corpse-parts which protects him and enhances his stength. Disgusting!