High-Realism Power Packages for ‘GODLIKE’

“They used their powers, we used our guns. They fought in groups; we sniped at them from lone positions. They exposed themselves; we hid. It was all a matter of ego, really. They killed themselves by believing in themselves too much.” First Lieutenant Mike “Sun Boy” Reynolds, after the destruction of SS Uberkommandogruppen Heinrich Himmler at Spa, 27 December 1944.


This power allows the user to perform exceptionally under trying conditions. When terrified, the Talent can move super-swiftly, accomplishing many actions at once.

Multiple Actions 3 (12 Points)
(Attacks, Defends, Robust: 8 per level)
Flaw: Blunt –1 per level
Flaw: Mental Strain –2 per level
Flaw: State of Mind [Terror] –1 per level

Super-Speed 10d (10 Points)
(Attacks, Defends, Robust 4/8/16)
Flaw: Attached to Body –1/2/4
Flaw: Exhausting –1/2/4 [Like Mental Strain, but a point of Shock damage to torso instead]
Flaw: State of Mind [Terror] –1/2/4

Total 22 Will Points.



This power takes the phrase ‘no means no’ to a whole new level.

Block 4d (8 Points)
(Defends, Robust 3/6/12)
Flaw: Nervous Habit [Must shout “NO!”] -1/2/4

Harm 4d (12 Points)
(Attacks, Defends, Useful Outside of Combat, Robust 5/10/20)
Extra: Knockback +2/4/8 
A successful roll causes the target to be flung back width in yards.

Flaw: Jumpy -1/2/4
Flaw: Nervous Habit [Must shout “NO!”] -1/2/4
Flaw: Shock Damage Only -2/4/8

Total 20 Will Points.



This package gives the character the ultimate edge in fisticuffs.

Go First 1 (7 Points)
(Attacks, Defends, Robust: 8 per level)
Flaw: Attached to Brawl –1 per level

Hyperskill: Brawl 5d (5 Points)

Stun 5d+2wd (13 Points)
(Attacks, Defends 3/6/12)
Flaw: Attached to Brawl –1/2/4
Flaw: Touch Only –1/2/4

Total 25 Will Points.



This Talent allows its possessor to rewind time for very short periods. If shot through the head, the user can rewind time and dodge the shot. It can be used to help others by rewinding their time as well.

Sidestep 6d+1Wd (20 points)
(Defends, Useful Outside of Combat, Robust 4/8/16)
Side Effect: Anyone watching sees you ‘snap back’ to prior status when power is activated.
Extra: Extend to Others +2/4/8 [Rewinding Time is a multiple action; must have dice for each person so defended, including self.]
Flaw: Beacon –4/8/16

Total 20 Will Points.



Another wrinkle on Precognition. This Talent presents mental ‘snapshots’ (like the instant cameras of a later day) of threats to the Talent and their teammates. It only works defensively; there is no trance method for this one.

Precognition 5d+1 Wd (18 Points)
(Defends, Useful Outside of Combat, Robust 3/6/12)
Extra: Fleetness of Vision +2/4/8 [By keeping the Precognitive Flash very brief, this cuts the Power’s Will point costs down to 1 Will point per die thrown, regardless of type.]
Extra: Mothering +1/2/4
Flaw: Mental Strain –2/4/8
Flaw: Static Images –2/4/8

Total 18 Will Points.



Alternate Form 2hd (8 points)
(Attacks, Defends, Robust, Useful Outside of Combat. 5/10/20)
Note: Form of a 12′ long Siberian Tiger.
Flaw: Mental Strain –2/4/8
Flaw: Exhausting –1/2/4

Hyperstat: Body +2hd (6 points)
Flaw: Attached to Tiger Form –1/2/4

Hyperstat: Sense 3d (3 points)
Flaw: Attached to Tiger Form –1/2/4

Hyperskill: Brawl 3d (3 points)
Flaw: Attached to Tiger Form –1/2/4

Claws and Teeth 2hd (4 points)
(Attacks, Robust, Useful Outside of Combat 4/8/16)
Flaw: Attached to Tiger Form -1/2/4
Flaw: Attached to Brawling Hyperskill –1/2/4
Flaw: Graphic –1/2/4
Flaw: Must Touch Target –1/2/4

Total 24 Will Points.