Critics Rave Over ‘GODLIKE’

GODLIKE: Superhero Roleplaying in a World on Fire, 1936-1946, is a tabletop, pencil-and-paper roleplaying game about ordinary men and women struggling in the greatest, most terrible war the world has ever known. They’re called Talents. They have inexplicably gained amazing superhuman powers — and they face even worse risks, and greater chances of true heroism, than ever before.

GODLIKE first appeared in a hardcover edition in 2001 and instantly earned rave reviews. In 2011 we published a revised, expanded paperback edition. As of 2013 the paperback edition is available in hobby shops and bookstores once again — along with a full line of campaign books and sourcebooks.


Keep reading to see what critics have said about GODLIKE and its supplements.


2D6.ord Video Review by The Gentleman Gamer
“Very elegant and very evocative of the lethality of war.” [more] (Science Fiction Weekly) review by Ken Newquist
GODLIKE ultimately succeeds because it successfully and believably integrates superheroes into the war…. Our Pick: ‘A’.” [more]

Out of the Box review by Kenneth Hite
“The world is richly super [yet] delightfully bleak and war-torn…. Look, up in the sky — and take cover.” review by Jody Harkavy
“…an excellent game with many roleplaying opportunities and chances to be real heroes.” review by Lisa Padol
“I recommend Godlike to anyone who wants a grittier superhero game or game set in World War II with superheroes.”[more]

RevolutionSF review by Mark Finn
“Slick production values, and a simple and clever system with an eye toward punching through tanks and German machine gun nests, make this a great superhero game.” [more] review by James A. Beggs
“If you don’t mind a game that is very gritty (and they have optional rules to tone that down), then this game is just incredible.” [more]

The Forge review by Ron Edwards
“Taken on its own terms, the GODLIKE setting is awesome….” [more]

Gaming Report review by Wayne Tonjes
GODLIKE is a wonderful book.” [more] playtest review by J. Peralta
“Setting and character, what more can one ask for? Add to that two of the most talented game designers in the business and you have a recipe for success.” [more] playtest review by D. Pond
“Both of these authors seem to thrive on innovation, and GODLIKE looks to me like a unique and innovative game.” [more]

Ogre Cave review by Nathan James
“I have not found a game that has drawn me in such as GODLIKE has.” [more]

Open Roleplaying review by Craig Pearlman
GODLIKE is a shining example of what we look for in a well-made RPG.” [more]

Pyramid Pick by Matthew Pook
“Not only an excellent World War II RPG, but an excellent superhero game as well.” review by Matthew Gabbert
“…a realistic historical superhero game with a streamlined and versatile (and deadly) game system.” [more] review by Rick Neal
“Even if you never do run it, it’s well worth the price tag as an example of world building and system design. And just reading it is fun.” [more] Review by Carl Congdon
“It’s a good game with solid mechanics … and a well-researched, believable setting.” [more]

Valet d’Couer Review
“GODLIKE offers an innovative game system as well as a captivating background setting.”

Runner-up for Best RPG in the Pen & Paper Fan Awards
Also nominated: Mutants and Masterminds (winner), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Riddle of Steel, Spycraft. [more]

Godzilla Gaming Podcast Review
“. . . Really captures the mood of World War Two combat.” [more]

Game Geeks Video Review
“I recommend this game if you want a supers game that has more bite to it, a bit more complexity.” [more] Review by Michael Erb
“You can tell some extraordinary and compelling stories with Godlike, but I would definitely consider it for a more mature audience.” [more] Review by Benoît Felten
“Accéder aux souhaits fréquents des joueurs de disposer de pouvoirs inhabituels tout en les gardant éminemment mortels est une idée superbe qui fonctionne à merveille.” [more]

Templo de Hécate Review by Andrés
“No es un juego de superhéroes en la segunda guerra mundial, sino de una segunda guerra mundial con unos tipos con poderes. Un mundo donde el Capitán América no duraría ni un asalto. Sin embargo, puede ser apasionante sobre todo por el interés que contagian los autores en el tema y las ganas por hacer algo bien hecho.” [more]

RPG Blog Carnival #3 by NiTessine
“I consider it not only the finest of all superhero games but also the finest of all WW2 roleplaying games. It is Godlike, and it is mighty.” [more]



Out of the Box review by Kenneth Hite
“[P]rimo Detwiller, with a lengthy discussion of the SS units and organizations that control (and — ulp — try to manufacture more of) Hitler’s super-storm troopers….” review by James Gillen
“I highly recommend it to anyone else interested in World War II gaming.” [more]

Gaming Report review by Wayne Tonjes
“This is an excellent supplement toGODLIKE and continues to add depth and historical feel to the game….” [more]

Templo de Hécate Review by Quaid
“Me reservo la opinión sobre los que quieren interpretar al bando alemán, pero plantea por contra, unas interesantes posibilidades de interpretación de “disidentes” dentro de dicho bando, tratando de pasar desapercibidos dentro de la locura paranoica de la dictadura nazi.” [more]


“‘Just what does a TOG group DO?’ has been a somewhat common question, and I feel this book answers that question.” [more] review by Josh Black
“The TOC Bulletin is an excellent companion to any GODLIKE game involving American and German Talents.” [more]



Gaming Report review by Wayne Tonjes
“Donar’s Hammer is a superb module, presenting the plot and mechanical information in a well-arranged, clearly organized manner.” [more] review by Michael Erb
“I would recommend Donar’s Hammer to anyone who plays Godlike. It is an excellent introductory scenario, but challenging enough for a group of veteran players.” [more]


GODLIKE GAME MODERATOR’S SCREEN review by Nathaniel Hobbes
“There is a lot of good information here for the longtime GM, even if he or she just wants to reduce the number of bookmarks in his or her rulebook. This is a fantastic-looking GM screen.” [more]


ONE O’CLOCK WAKE-UP review by JJ Sell
“If you are eager to try out Godlike as a player or GM this is a good place to start. It offers the same great flavor of the core game in a bite-sized chunk (and at a bargain price).” [more]



Review from R’lyeh by Matthew Pook
“Naturally, the focus in Black Devils Brigade is on combat, and plenty of it, with the player characters finding themselves being tested again and again. That said, the campaign includes several situations that do not involve combat, including comfort missions, relationships with civilians, inter-unit rivalries, and army politics.” [more]