Wild Talents

Instant Character

To save this Wild Talents character, print this page or save it to disk. Fill in the name and start playing. If you make up a fun backstory to fit an instant character's powers and background events, log in and tell us about it in a comment.

Character Name:


  • Librarian.
  • Tormented by Guilt!
  • Adopted.
  • Accountant.


  • Intrinsic: Allergy (Uncommon; Incapacitating).
  • Permissions Budget: 6 points.


    Base Will6 points


    Skill (and Its Stat)DiceFlaws
    Brawl (Body)2d
    Knowledge (Mind)5d
    Language (Mind)2d
    Melee Weapon (Body)1d
    Ranged Weapon (Coordination)2d
    Research (Mind)4d
    Scrutiny (Perception)1d
    Stability (Command)5d


    Power (and Its Quality)DiceExtras and Flaws
    Minions (Useful)8d + 2hd
    Flaws: Focus -- Immutable, Irreplaceable, Indestructible.
    Telekinesis (Attacks)1d + 1wd
    Telekinesis (Defends)1d + 1wd
    Telekinesis (Useful)1d + 1wd
    Vehicle: Unconventional Move (Useful)8d
    Flaws: Focus.
    Vehicle: Heavy Armor (Defends)5hdFlaws: Focus -- Adaptation.
    Vehicle: Sensors (as Perceive) (Useful)10d
    Extras: Variable Effect.
    Flaws: Focus -- Adaptation. For Vehicular Sensors Only.


    As seen on page 162 of Wild Talents Second Edition, this generator rolls a pool of 9d10 to automatically create a complete 250-point character with stats, skills and superpowers. Stats and powers that add up to greater than 10 dice automatically have some of them converted to wiggle dice to keep the pools to 10 dice or fewer.

    Background and Blueness: Each "loose" or unmatched die indicates one background event keyed to the Wild Talents "Blue" level of the campaign -- the degree of "lovely and pointless" comic-book craziness featured in your game world. Since we don't know the "Blue" level of your campaign, the script generates a random "Blue" level for each background event. About half are at "Blue" 1, which indicates jobs the character has held; a few are at the more exotic but still mundane "Blue" 3-4 level; a very few are at the outre "Blue" 5.

    Archetype: For now you'll need to build the archetype by hand. If you need more points for permissions, shave a few points off stats or skills.

    The Dice:     1        2x4        5        6        7        3x9        

    See reviews of Wild Talents and order it in print with a copy in PDF for instant download.

    One-Roll Talents written by Greg Stolze, (c) 2008.
    Generator coded by Shane Ivey, (c) 2012.