Godlike superhero roleplaying game in PDF and paperbackGodlike is a suspenseful, thrilling tabletop roleplaying game about superpowered soldiers in World War II. It has earned brilliant reviews and loyal fans around the world.

Product Type RPG Core Rulebook plus a full line of supplements
ISBN 978-0-9853175-1-5
MSRP $39.95
Format 8.5″ x 11″ paperback, black and white, 376 pages
Product # APU1009 or ARC1009
Release August 2012

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How to Order

Godlike is available online and at game stores around the world.

RETAILERS: Order from your favorite distributor.

DISTRIBUTORS: Order from Publisher Services Inc. If you have any trouble, please contact Arc Dream Publishing’s Shane Ivey, shane.ivey@gmail.com.

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Godlike is a superhero game like no other. There’s no bright spandex or pulp machismo. It’s about ordinary men and women who manifest amazing powers in the midst of the deadliest war the world has ever known. For all their power, though, they are just as vulnerable as everyone else. Maybe even moreso, since these so-called “Talents” are sent into the worst fighting and on the most dangerous commando missions. In Godlike, characters’  heroism comes not from their powers but from their courage in the face of fear. Superpowers are fueled by Will points, but Will points sometimes evaporate in the panic of combat. That makes the game uniquely suspenseful and deeply rewarding.

Telekinesis in GODLIKE

Sourcebooks and Supplements

  • Will to Power (rules expansion and the Nazi superhuman program; HBG1001, ISBN 0971064229, 117 pages, $20.99, hardback or PDF)
  • Talent Operations Command Intelligence Bulletin 2 (inside the Talent Operations Groups; ARC1002 or APU1002, ISBN 978-0-9727782-0-6, $9.95, 32 pages, paperback or PDF)
  • Donar’s Hammer (adventure in Sicily; ARC1003 or APU1003, ISBN 978-0-9727782-2-0, $9.95, 32 pages, paperback or PDF)
  • Talent Operations Command Intelligence Bulletin 3 (the Talents of the U.S. Marine Corps; ARC1004 or APU1004, ISBN 978-0-9727782-3-7, $9.95, 28 pages, paperback or PDF)
  • Godlike Game Moderator’s Screen (accessory for the game table; ARC1005 or APU1005, $9.95, card stock)
  • Saipan (adventure in the Pacific; ARC1006 or APU1006, ISBN 978-0-9727782-5-1, $11.95, 48 pages, paperback or PDF)
  • Black Devils Brigade (adventure in Italy; ARC1008 or APU1008, ISBN 978-0-9832313-2-5, $39.95, 270 pages, paperback or PDF)
  • The Courtyard of Hell (adventure in Italy; ARC1010 or APU1010, ISBN 978-0-9853175-7-7, $29.95, 134 pages, paperback or PDF)

Recent Promotions

  • Advertising in Gygax Magazine
  • Frequent blog updates and new online resources
  • Years of author interviews and social media engagement


GODLIKE ultimately succeeds because it successfully and believably integrates superheroes into the war…. Our Pick: ‘A’.” (Ken Newquist, Science Fiction Weekly)

“The world is richly super [yet] delightfully bleak and war-torn…. Look, up in the sky — and take cover.” (Kenneth Hite, Out of the Box)

“An excellent game with many roleplaying opportunities and chances to be real heroes.” (Jody Harkavy, About.com)

“Slick production values, and a simple and clever system with an eye toward punching through tanks and German machine gun nests, make this a great superhero game.” (Mark Finn, RevolutionSF)

“If you don’t mind a game that is very gritty (and they have optional rules to tone that down), then this game is just incredible.” (James A. Beggs, RPG.net)

“Taken on its own terms, the GODLIKE setting is awesome.” (Ron Edwards, The Forge)

GODLIKE is a wonderful book.” (Wayne Tonjes, Gaming Report)

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Retailer Info

Retailers can order Godlike from distributors around the world: Alliance, ACD, and others in the U.S., Esdevium in Europe, and more.

(Pro tip for Alliance’s retailers: If their system lists Godlike but shows zero copies available, place the order anyway. That will tell the system that they need to restock to fill the order.)

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Target Market

  • Gamers who are World War II buffs absolutely adore Godlike!
  • Superhero gamers looking for a deadlier, tougher kind of heroism.
  • Gamers who love deep characterization and hard decisions with their dangerous action
  • Fans of other One Roll Engine games like Wild Talents, A Dirty World, Monsters and Other Childish Things, Progenitor, The Kerberos Club, and Reign.
  • Fans of other works by Greg Stolze and the Arc Dream Publishing team such as Unknown Armies and Delta Green.

Up-Sells and Cross-Sells

Selling Points for Players

  • Fast-playing, suspenseful action with long-term consequences.
  • Powerful immersion in a serious alternate history of World War II.
  • Tons of pregenerated characters and adventures for immediate action.
  • A deep archive of supplements and online resources.
  • Encourages long-term campaigns that explore the ramifications of character choices and actions.

Selling Points for Retailers

  • Critically acclaimed authors (Dennis Detwiller Greg Stolze) and design team (Arc Dream Publishing), frequently nominated for major industry awards.
  • Strong online support—scenarios, new characters, new powers, rules variants, and an active gamer base on Arc Dream Publishing’s website and in social media (www.arcdream.com).
  • Sourcebooks and supplements.
  • Retailers can provide a PDF copy to consumers FREE at point of sale through the Bits and Mortar program (www.bitsandmortar.com).