Game Master Resources

We at Arc Dream Publishing know that running a game for players is hard work, so we put together this list of resources in order to help facilitate the fun.

Delta Green at Gen Con

Better Angels Resources

  • Better Angels — superhero roleplaying with a devilish twist (pdf and hardback)
  • Better Angels Game Moderator Screen — beautiful art and useful tools (pdf)
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Hunky — a ready-to-play adventure (pdf)
  • Character Sheet and Cheat Sheet — ready for your players (pdf)

Delta Green Resources

  • Delta Green: Agent’s Handbook — complete rules for creating Agents and running games (pdf or hardback)
  • Need to Know — free, fully-playable quick-start rules with a starter scenario (“Last Things Last”) and ready-to-play characters (pdf)
  • Handler’s Screen with Need to Know — a sturdy wraparound screen with a paperback edition of Need to Know (pdf or print)
  • Briefing documents — super-short summaries of the most essential rules (pdf)
  • Agent professions — a two-page summary, organized by what kind of work they do, with page listings so you can easily look each profession up in the Agent’s Handbook (pdf)
  • Character sheet — with fillable forms so you can prepare and print custom characters (pdf)
  • Future/Perfect, Part 1 — a free scenario where Agents chase a killer in Death Valley, California (pdf)
  • Kali Ghati — a scenario featuring terrors in Afghantistan (pdf)
  • The Last Equation — a spree killer is driven by forces worse than insanity; a free scenario using the Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition rules, easily playable with Delta Green (pdf)
  • Lover in the Ice — a scenario of horrific invasion and discovery (pdf)
  • Music From a Darkened Room  — a house is haunted by something far more lethal than ghosts; a free scenario using the Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition rules, easily playable with Delta Green (pdf)
  • Observer Effect — a scenario in which physicists look too closely at the nature of reality and Agents have to pick up the pieces (pdf)
  • The Star Chamber — a scenario of conflicting narratives of terror (pdf)

Godlike Resources

  • Godlike — superhero roleplaying in the fires of World War II (pdf and paperback)
  • Godlike Quick-Play Rules — everything you need to learn the game and its amazing alternate history (pdf)
  • Godlike character sheets — with fillable forms to create and easily print new Talents (pdf)
  • Miller’s Hellions — nine pregenerated characters, ready to play (pdf)
  • Fox Hunt — quick-play rules and a scenario that has the Talents pursuing Rommel himself on D-Day (pdf)
  • Glazier — a free introductory scenario set in the Battle of the Bulge (pdf)
  • The Invasion of Jericho Bay — a free scenario that features Talents on Okinawa pursuing a deadly enemy Talent all the way home — to Maine (pdf)
  • For King and Country — a free scenario taking Talent commandos behind the lines on D-Day (pdf)
  • Night of the Pegasus — a free scenario featuring the battle for Pegasus Bridge in the night before D-Day (pdf)
  • One O’Clock Wake-Up — a free scenario that features ordinary soldiers against the powers of enemy Talents in the Battle of the Bulge (pdf)
  • Operation Rascal — a Talent commando raid deep behind the lines on D-Day (pdf)
  • Saipan — a mini-campaign that pits Marine Corps Talents against the Japanese war machine (pdf)
  • A Stützepunkte Doubled — a free scenario in which Talents must assault a bunker on D-Day — twice (pdf)

Monsters and Other Childish Things Resources

  • Monsters and Other Childish Things — a game about ordinary kids and the terrifying monsters that love them, with ready-to-play characters and a starter scenario (pdf and paperback)
  • Curriculum of Conspiracy — a scenario about a high-achieving school with dangerous secrets (pdf and paperback)
  • Road Trip — eight standalone scenarios that form an epic cross-country and cross-dimensional campaign (pdf and paperback)
  • SkyMaul — a short scenario that pits the kids and their monsters against the most terrifying threat of all—air travel! (pdf)

Wild Talents, Fate, and Savage Worlds Resources

  • Wild Talents — a thrilling game about strange superheroes and their deadly worlds (pdf and hardback)
  • Wild Talents Essential Edition — a streamlined edition with just the most essential rules (pdf and paperback)
  • White Knights, Black Hearts — a scenario set in the mean streets of the 1970s, with ready-to-play characters (pdf)
  • Progenitor — a campaign setting in which Talents change the world with every use of their powers (pdf and paperback)
  • Progenitor: Woodstock — your Talents must save the world’s most famous music festival — or change it into something even more amazing (pdf)
  • The Kerberos Club — a setting of superpowered action and intrigue in Victorian London, featuring ready-to-play characters and scenario (pdf and paperback; also available for Fate and Savage Worlds)
  • The Kerberos Club Quickstart Guide — an introduction to the world of The Kerberos Club, with four more starter characters  (pdf; also available for Fate and Savage Worlds)

Other Games

  • A Dirty World — a film noir role-playing game (pdf and paperback)
  • Puppetland — a gorgeous hardback edition with the complete rules for the game, plus tons of short “Tales” each playable in one golden hour (pdf or hardback)
  • Reign — an RPG of swords, sorcery, and the weight of command (pdf and paperback)