Reviews and Interviews

Do you write for or host a blog, print publication or podcast? We would love for you to do an in-depth review of one of our games. Contact us and tell us a little about your project and what kind of circulation or audience you have. We will be more than happy to send review copies in PDF and sometimes in print (depending on your audience and the shipping costs).

We’re also happy to participate in interviews, whether by email, phone, Skype or whatever. Get in touch and we’ll make it happen.

Some past Arc Dream interviews:


Attention, Fans: We Need Your Help!

Arc Dream Publishing has always been focused on its fans. And that’s not just in our willingness to interact with gamers on a daily basis in a lot of forums. Direct sales to gamers are what keep us alive.

While many of our books are available to retail distribution, we’ve never had the capital to attempt the kind of broad-spectrum marketing that would make us really well known and give our products significant retail presence. That means we have an enthusiastic fan base but a fairly small one.

If you’re one of those fans, we need your help. I know, it’s a little sad to ask more from somebody who already pays money for our products. But we have a really tiny slice of a very small industry, and we need every edge we can get.

Here’s what we hope you’ll do. When you buy one of our products and you’ve had a chance to use it or at least read it, go back to where you bought it and leave a comment.

It doesn’t have to be a huge, ambitious review. A one-line note is great. A rating. Anything. One sentence saying what you liked is infinitely better than no comments at all.

It will probably take only two minutes, but it can have a terrific impact. Seeing feedback from other customers tells potential buyers a lot about whether the product lives up to its description. And that gives us a chance to expand our audience, one new fan at a time.

And if you bought it in a store? Next time you’re there, tell them what you bought and why you liked it. That gives them a reason to buy it again.

These are some great places to log in and tell people what you think:

And here are a few RPG forums:

Thank you!