Tabletop Potluck Podcast Three-Part Game of Monsters & Other Childish Things

From a Ren Faire to Faeries; can the kids come back?

Our friends over at the podcast Tabletop Potluck unwrapped (and wrapped up) a four episode actual play of Monsters and Other Childish Things for the holidays, so if you’re interested in children, monsters, and mischief then head on over and give it a listen!

On a hot summer day, the Queen Anne’s Landing Renaissance Faire is in full swing. As we dive headfirst into Monsters and Other Childish Things, five rambunctious kids and their horrible eldritch monster friends are here to have a fun day trip. But what happens when kids suddenly go missing from the faire?

The Cast

Charlotte Elena – GM

Sally Chan – Harlow/Scribbo

Ray Goldberg – Jules/Tommy

Noah Heinrich – Stella/Locktopus

Matthew Marquez – Franklin/Beatrix

Megan Scharlau – Millie/Merideth

The Episodes

Episode One: Have Fun and Love Each Other

Episode Two: Cyanotype (Is Blue)

Episode Three: I Love Screaming

Episode Four: Potluck!