Delta Green: Handler’s Guide — going to press!

From the Kickstarter update of 21 DEC 2017:

The Handler’s Guide is going to press. All that’s missing are the endpapers—the inside cover designs—which our graphic designer is striving to finish before the holidays are out. While he’s doing that, the printer will be preparing the rest of the book and its slipcase. It can be pre-ordered in hardback or downloaded now in PDF.

This is Shane Ivey with Arc Dream Publishing. The Handler’s Guide is just the start of the coming Delta Green landslide. As always, please log in to BackerKit to check your Delta Green rewards.

Works in Progress

Pelgrane Press expects to publish the final PDF of The Fall of Delta Green by the end of December and to send it to press in January.

Dennis Detwiller is editing Control Group and getting its scenarios in the hands of playtesters; writing Impossible Landscapesand illustrating various Delta Green projects in between. I expect—knock on wood—to publish Control Group in PDF in the spring. The hardback will come a few months after the PDF.

Chris Gunning, primary author of the “Federal Agencies” section of the Agent’s Handbook, is doing final revisions and additions for a ton of new agencies for the forthcoming Redacted Files. We expect to publish them in the spring.

The PISCES team, led by Giles Hill and Adam Crossingham, are working on PISCES.

I’m working on Deep Statefinalizing plans for Operational History and Falling Towerspreparing the ebook release of the microfiction collection The Way It Went Down; and preparing the new issue of The Unspeakable Oath for layout as soon as its art comes in.

I expect to send out The Way It Went Down in January and the Oath in February or March. We’ll have reliable dates for Operational History, Deep State, PISCES, and Falling Towersonce they’re a little farther along.

The latest of our monthly scenarios is Delta Green: Viscid. It ran into some technical problems on the production side but it ought to be available next week.

A Night at the Opera

“Viscid” also appears in a hardback scenario collection that we’re offering in response to fan requests. We did not anticipate printing these scenarios, let alone in a nice hardback, so it’s not part of the Kickstarter rewards. But even with the new scenarios available in paperback, some fans asked for a hardback too. If you would like a full-color hardback that collects scenarios like “Viscid,” “Reverberations,” “Music From a Darkened Room,” and others, you can pre-order Delta Green: A Night at the Opera now.

(Warning: Its international shipping costs, set by our warehouse and the U.S. Postal Service, are very high. If you’re outside the U.S., we would not blame you for waiting until it has been printed and shipped to international distributors.)


Dennis Detwiller maintains a popular Delta Green Patreon site for previews, prizes, microfiction, audio recordings of Delta Green games, and other odds and ends. Recent Patreon releases included playtest files (“Ex Oblivione,” “Night Visions,” “Blacksat”), microfiction (“The Cemetery Papers,” “Awake Again,” “Between Here and Forever”), and audio of my run of Future/Perfect Part 2 for friends here in Birmingham.

As I’m sure you know, Patreon garnered a huge amount of trouble over the last couple of weeks with a proposed change to their fees, but they canceled that change and things have gone back to normal. Nevertheless, we’re setting up a mirrored program on Drip, Kickstarter’s version of Patreon, for those who want to switch. We’ll send a link to that when it goes live.

Gen Con 2018

Gen Con 2017 was barely four months ago, but it’s already time to start planning for Gen Con 2018. Event submission begins 7 JAN 2018. We want to see Delta Green games in the program! We’ll announce more details in a couple of weeks — special rewards for volunteers — so start thinking about it now.

Thank you again for supporting Delta Green. We can’t wait to see the Handler’s Guide, and the rest of the upcoming series, in your hands.

Shane Ivey
Arc Dream Publishing