Gen Con 2017 Event Schedule!

Gen Con 2017 is only a few months away and we have a packed schedule for you this year! Plenty of games, panels, and even a Delta Green LARP! So here is our event schedule all in one place for your convenience.

We’ll also have plenty of Arc Dream personalities running around for you to chat with, get autographs, and maybe take selfies with.

Signups begin May 28 so don’t miss out.

Arc Dream Guests at Gen Con

Shane Ivey: Co-founder, publisher, editor, writer, all around nice guy.

Dennis Detwiller: Co-founder, art director, editor, writer, artist, Delta Green co-creator, increasingly Canadian.

Scott Glancy: Writer, Delta Green co-creator, head of Pagan Publishing, real-life model for Walter Sobchak.

Greg Stolze: (Coming with Atlas Games, but he’ll visit.) Writer, inventor of the One-Roll Engine, closet optimist.

Ken Hite: (Coming with Pelgrane Press, but he’ll visit.) Writer, consulting occultist, game designer about town.

Simeon Cogswell: Graphic designer, page designer, not-so-closet anime fan.

Thursday Events

Game IDEvent TypeNameTimeDurationLocation
RPG17110435RPGKali GhatiThu 8:00AM4 hoursICC :: 104 :: 2
RPG17109889RPGObserver EffectThu 11:00AM4 hoursICC :: 104 :: 10
RPG17113166RPGObserver EffectThu 1:00PM4 hoursICC :: 104 :: 3
RPG17113947RPGObject 577Thu 1:00PM4 hoursJW :: 105 :: 3
RPG17110667RPGOperation: ObfuscateThu 3:00PM4 hoursICC :: 104 :: 8
LRP17110210LARPGreen PiñatasThu 4:00PM6 hoursHyatt :: Concept C :: 1--2
RPG17113640RPGCONTROLCOPYThu 7:00PM4 hoursICC :: 104 :: 1

Friday Events

Game IDEvent TypeNameTimeDurationLocation
RPG17112777RPGDivide by ZeroFri 9:00AM4 hoursJW :: White River Blrm D :: 5
RPG17110438RPGA Victim of the ArtFri 10:00AM4 hoursICC :: 104 :: 7
RPG17110670RPGLast Things LastFri 10:00AM4 hoursICC :: 104 :: 8
RPG17110942RPGConvergenceFri 12:00PM4 hoursICC :: 104 :: 2
RPG17113955RPGFuture/PerfectFri 2:00PM4 hoursICC :: 104 :: 4
RPG17109939RPGStorage Wars: ExposureFri 3:00PM4 hoursICC :: 104 :: 6
RPG17110668RPGOperation: ObfuscateFri 3:00PM4 hoursICC :: 104 :: 7
LRP17110440LARPGreen PiñatasFri 4:00PM6 hoursHyatt :: Concept C :: 1--2
RPG17110671RPGFuture/PerfectFri 6:00PM4 hoursICC :: 104 :: 2

Saturday Events

Game IDEvent TypeNameTimeDurationLocation
RPG17110943RPGConvergenceSat 12:00PM4 hoursICC :: 104 :: 9
RPG17110669RPGOperation: ObfuscateSat 3:00PM4 hoursICC :: 104 :: 5
LRP17110441LARPGreen PiñatasSat 4:00PM6 hoursHyatt :: Concept C :: 1--2
SEM17112425SeminarDelta Green: The Role-Playing GameSat 7:00PM1.5 hoursCrowne Plaza :: Grand Central Ballroom D

Sunday Events

Game IDEvent TypeNameTimeDurationLocation
RPG17110437RPGFox HuntSun 9:00AM4 hoursICC :: 104 :: 4

The Map

Don’t forget to come find us in the Dealer’s Hall after you’ve racked up gamer coupons so you can get your hands on your favorite games! We’ll be in booth 431, next to Privateer Press, Cool Mini or Not, and Japanime games. We’ve provided a map for your convenience. Click to inbigin.