Agents and Specialists in Delta Green




A typical agent of the Program is a federal law-enforcement officer, intelligence officer, or special-operations officer: an educated professional who is capable of conducting difficult investigations and covering them up, and who is well-trained in self-defense.

Many of the Program’s agents are specialists, who have deep academic, technical, or medical skills, or important bureaucratic access and contacts. Many specialists do not have investigative or self-defense training, so they are usually accompanied by agents who do. A specialist usually has a “home” team of agents but may be temporarily assigned to other teams as needed.

This two-page “cheat sheet” lists all professions from the Agent’s Handbook by category, so a new player can quickly decide what kind of agent sounds most fun and pick just the right profession.

Agent Categories

  • Special Agents & Police
  • SWAT & Special Operators
  • Other Military
  • Intelligence Case Officers
  • Others

Specialist Categories

  • Humanities & Media
  • Science & Technology
  • Medical
  • Pilots & Sailors
  • Bureaucrats & Diplomats
  • Intelligence Analysts

Each profession includes its page number in the Agent’s Handbook.

You can download the pdf here.