Run Arc Dream convention games

Arc Dream Publishing is always looking for volunteers to demo our games at conventions. Right now—28 February 2017—registration is open to run games at Gen Con 2017, so this is the time to sign up. You’ll get free gifts from the Arc Dream Publishing booth—games, books, T-shirts, and more—to thank you for running our games, and your players get free gifts just for playing. We have a long history of selling out dozens of Gen Con games every year. The players are ready and waiting.

But it’s not just Gen Con. We would love to see you running games at Origins, at Who’s Yer Con, at Pax Tabletop, anywhere!

Here’s a handy sampler of some of the games we want to feature at conventions and tons of resources to help you run them.

Delta Green at Gen Con

Better Angels Demo Resources

  • Better Angels — superhero roleplaying with a devilish twist (pdf and hardback)
  • Better Angels Game Moderator Screen — beautiful art and useful tools (pdf)
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Hunky — a ready-to-play adventure (pdf)
  • Character Sheet and Cheat Sheet — ready for your players (pdf)

Delta Green Demo Resources

  • Delta Green: Agent’s Handbook — complete rules for creating Agents and running games (pdf or hardback)
  • Need to Know — free, fully-playable quick-start rules with a starter scenario (“Last Things Last”) and ready-to-play characters (pdf)
  • Handler’s Screen with Need to Know — a sturdy wraparound screen with a paperback edition of Need to Know (pdf or print)
  • Briefing documents — super-short summaries of the most essential rules (pdf)
  • Agent professions — a two-page summary, organized by what kind of work they do, with page listings so you can easily look each profession up in the Agent’s Handbook (pdf)
  • Character sheet — with fillable forms so you can prepare and print custom characters (pdf)
  • Future/Perfect, Part 1 — a free scenario where Agents chase a killer in Death Valley, California (pdf)
  • Kali Ghati — a scenario featuring terrors in Afghantistan (pdf)
  • The Last Equation — a spree killer is driven by forces worse than insanity; a free scenario using the Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition rules, easily playable with Delta Green (pdf)
  • Lover in the Ice — a scenario of horrific invasion and discovery (pdf)
  • Music From a Darkened Room  — a house is haunted by something far more lethal than ghosts; a free scenario using the Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition rules, easily playable with Delta Green (pdf)
  • Observer Effect — a scenario in which physicists look too closely at the nature of reality and Agents have to pick up the pieces (pdf)
  • PX Poker Night — Maddening horrors overcome a handful of “worst of the worst” Air Force personnel;  a free scenario using the Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition rules (the opening text says “D20 Call of Cthulhu” but that is incorrect), easily playable with Delta Green (pdf)
  • The Star Chamber — a scenario of conflicting narratives of terror (pdf)
  • A Victim of the Art — an unnatural killer stalks suburban Long Island; a free scenario using the Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition rules, easily playable with Delta Green (pdf)

Godlike Demo Resources

  • Godlike — superhero roleplaying in the fires of World War II (pdf and paperback)
  • Godlike Quick-Play Rules — everything you need to learn the game and its amazing alternate history (pdf)
  • Godlike character sheets — with fillable forms to create and easily print new Talents (pdf)
  • Miller’s Hellions — nine pregenerated characters, ready to play (pdf)
  • Fox Hunt — quick-play rules and a scenario that has the Talents pursuing Rommel himself on D-Day (pdf)
  • Glazier — a free introductory scenario set in the Battle of the Bulge (pdf)
  • The Invasion of Jericho Bay — a free scenario that features Talents on Okinawa pursuing a deadly enemy Talent all the way home — to Maine (pdf)
  • For King and Country — a free scenario taking Talent commandos behind the lines on D-Day (pdf)
  • Night of the Pegasus — a free scenario featuring the battle for Pegasus Bridge in the night before D-Day (pdf)
  • One O’Clock Wake-Up — a free scenario that features ordinary soldiers against the powers of enemy Talents in the Battle of the Bulge (pdf)
  • Operation Rascal — a Talent commando raid deep behind the lines on D-Day (pdf)
  • Saipan — a mini-campaign that pits Marine Corps Talents against the Japanese war machine (pdf)
  • A Stützepunkte Doubled — a free scenario in which Talents must assault a bunker on D-Day — twice (pdf)

Monsters and Other Childish Things Demo Resources

  • Monsters and Other Childish Things — a game about ordinary kids and the terrifying monsters that love them, with ready-to-play characters and a starter scenario (pdf and paperback)
  • Curriculum of Conspiracy — a scenario about a high-achieving school with dangerous secrets (pdf and paperback)
  • Road Trip — eight standalone scenarios that form an epic cross-country and cross-dimensional campaign (pdf and paperback)
  • SkyMaul — a short scenario that pits the kids and their monsters against the most terrifying threat of all—air travel! (pdf)

Wild Talents, Fate, and Savage Worlds Demo Resources

  • Wild Talents — a thrilling game about strange superheroes and their deadly worlds (pdf and hardback)
  • Wild Talents Essential Edition — a streamlined edition with just the most essential rules (pdf and paperback)
  • White Knights, Black Hearts — a scenario set in the mean streets of the 1970s, with ready-to-play characters (pdf)
  • Progenitor — a campaign setting in which Talents change the world with every use of their powers (pdf and paperback)
  • Progenitor: Woodstock — your Talents must save the world’s most famous music festival — or change it into something even more amazing (pdf)
  • The Kerberos Club — a setting of superpowered action and intrigue in Victorian London, featuring ready-to-play characters and scenario (pdf and paperback; also available for Fate and Savage Worlds)
  • The Kerberos Club Quickstart Guide — an introduction to the world of The Kerberos Club, with four more starter characters  (pdf; also available for Fate and Savage Worlds)

Other Games

  • A Dirty World — a film noir role-playing game (pdf and paperback)
  • Puppetland — a gorgeous hardback edition with the complete rules for the game, plus tons of short “Tales” each playable in one golden hour (pdf or hardback)
  • Reign — an RPG of swords, sorcery, and the weight of command (pdf and paperback)