Soon From The Unspeakable Oath: Old Ones Rising!

Issue 25 of The Unspeakable Oath is being compiled, designed, and edited but in the meantime we’re excited to introduce Old Ones Rising, a 280-page compilation of issues 18 through 21 of The Oath. Old Ones Rising includes:

  • Eight ready-to-play scenarios! Four for Call of Cthulhu, one for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game, one for Trail of Cthulhu, one for Cthulhu Dark plus the core Cthulhu Dark rules, and a playset for Fiasco.
  • Arcane artifacts, mysterious manuscripts, and “Tale of Terror” scenario seeds to add to your campaigns.
  • Evocative microfiction.
  • Commentary by editor-in-chief Shane Ivey in the “Dread Page of Azathoth.”
  • In-depth articles to broaden your gaming experience and horrify your players. The corrupt Egyptian pharaoh Nephren-Ka…the Chapel of Contemplation, which expands on the classic scenario “The Haunting”…the horrors of the Depression-era Dust Bowl…a modern-day occultist in over her head…the deadly and loathsome paramours of Y’golonac…and the historical Assassins…and “Directives from A-Cell” for Delta Green.

Old Ones Rising will hit the shelves April 13, and as always will include a free PDF of the magazine.