Future/Perfect Adapted for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game


Decades ago, an explosion leveled the Hunt Electrodynamics Plant and put most of Hellbend, California, out of work. Now the town is nearly dead. Only eighty-two people call the crumbling remains of Hellbend home, and those few don’t look to the future. They get by on what they can, selling gas and goods to tourists on the way to the Death Valley National Park and biding their time. In another few years, Hellbend will die a natural death, shriveling up in the 110-degree summer heat, leaving behind a skeleton of ruined buildings as a monument to a better time.

But in the last month, something else has worn away at the town, something decidedly unnatural. If the murder rate in Hellbend continues, it’ll die a lot faster than a few years, and a lot more violently than just another victim of some dead industry.

Someone or something is killing the residents of Hellbend, California. No one knows who or what it is.

Future/Perfect, Part 1 is the latest scenario for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. It’s built to serve as an introduction for new Agents and new players, so it has options for Agents who have never heard of Delta Green.

Dennis Detwiller wrote Future/Perfect, a four-part Delta Green campaign, years ago and published it as a series of free downloads. Future/Perfect, Part 1, has been edited throughout and adapted to the new rules of Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game and the present-day setting. The other three parts of Future/Perfect will be adapted soon.

You can also check out Shane Ivey running Future/Perfect for the people at Lovecraft eZine.

Download Future/Perfect, Part 1 here as a “Pay What You Want” purchase.