Cthuvian (Lorem) Ipsun Generator


Sometimes you’re writing or designing a book and you just need to know what the page is going to look like filled up with your horrific text. But you haven’t quite finished writing about the brain melting horrors of the indifferent cosmos and just hitting the f key until the pages fills up just wont do it.

Enter the Cthuvian Ipsun Generator

With just a few clicks you can have a page filled with the mad ramblings of an insane cultist in no time. For example:

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn. R’lyeh zhro nw sgn’wahl, naflvulgtlagln zhro haior shtunggli naflehye orr’e fhtagn orr’e, phlegeth y-nilgh’ri ngshugg ftaghu y’hah nnnAzathoth y-chtenff nailyaa. Ebunma s’uhn sgn’wahl haiog ron ch’ Azathoth vulgtlaglnoth ee, naep mnahn’ n’ghftyar vulgtlaglnyar gof’nn shogg y-Hastur fm’latgh, ep shtunggli ngTsathoggua ilyaa uh’eagl vulgtlaglnnyth h’mg. Athg kadishtu hafh’drn goka wgah’n h’lw’nafh bug hlirgh geb, stell’bsna shagg navulgtlagln vulgtm uln Shub-Niggurath lw’nafh uaaah, wgah’n ep nog n’ghft mnahn’ vulgtlagln Azathoth. Athg ilyaa ‘fhalma uln nog phlegeth y-kn’a shtunggli h’gof’nn, mg stell’bsna ooboshu nilgh’ri y-ya k’yarnak cnw k’yarnak fhtagn, Dagon R’lyeh sgn’wahl shtunggli hai ftaghu fhtagn.

Azathoth mnahn’ uh’e k’yarnakyar ‘fhalma nashagg R’lyeh ee ‘fhalma geb llll vulgtm Yoggothnyth h’kadishtu uaaah hai hriioth, hrii ron ngshagg cli’hee tharanak ep ooboshu nanilgh’ri shtunggli f’Shub-Niggurath lw’nafhyar ‘ai f’lloig f’gnaiih nnnli’hee. Na’ai nglui orr’e ph’shogg ooboshu throd Chaugnar Faugn, grah’n n’ghft gof’nn mnahn’ chtenff athg, kadishtu ooboshu naya ph’ch’ wgah’n. Cuh’e ooboshu Yoggoth naflnilgh’ri nglui Hastur chtenff goka Yoggoth ilyaa Cthulhu R’lyeh n’ghft, h’gotha nw Hastur Tsathogguaor gof’nn shoggog n’ghft grah’n lloig ‘ai wgah’n. H’hafh’drn naflli’hee chtenff r’luh f’geb Yoggoth geb nafln’ghft ya li’hee, throd hupadgh bug athg ph’ch’ goka hlirgh li’hee orr’e hupadgh, nasll’ha nachtenff Nyarlathotep ‘fhalma vulgtlagln shogg fm’latgh Cthulhu.

K’yarnak n’ghftoth shagg n’gha hrii Azathoth ‘bthnk sll’ha, nanglui f’geb phlegeth y’hah kadishtu Chaugnar Faugn stell’bsna, ph’goka llll hupadgh ‘bthnk llll hafh’drn. Ya hai vulgtlagln nglui r’luh uh’e ya r’luh n’ghft ch’ ngchtenff ya syha’h Nyarlathotep y-s’uhn, naDagon y-R’lyeh h’kadishtu gokaor mnahn’ lloig Hastur vulgtlagln Hastur clloig shtunggli ron gotha. ‘ai gothaagl f’ron r’luh nnnilyaa syha’h Shub-Niggurath grah’n, fhtagn Shub-Niggurathog athgor athg Nyarlathotep ckn’a vulgtlagln, syha’h y’hah nanilgh’ri bug kadishtunyth Nyarlathotep. Geb kadishtu shagg uh’e fm’latgh navulgtm shogg Azathoth ron, gof’nn hafh’drn goka n’ghft vulgtlagln hafh’drn bug ooboshuog Azathoth, n’ghft cah ilyaa shugg li’hee Nyarlathotep athg.

‘fhalma r’luhnyth Hastur lllloth n’gha grah’n nglui grah’n chtenff, uaaahog ng’fhalma chtenff li’hee vulgtlaglnagl lloigagl bug ebunma goka, ebunma hriiyar ep shoggagl Azathothnyth gnaiihoth ngshagg. Shugg nnnthrod nilgh’ri n’ghftoth shtunggli ‘ai throd shtunggli nnnfm’latgh syha’hyar shugg, li’hee ee shagg uh’e shagg hai gof’nn ‘ai h’Hastur, ya nw throd nasgn’wahl ep grah’n fhtagn nnnn’ghft kadishtu. Naehye n’gha shtunggli uaaahyar ph’ch’ lloig f’Chaugnar Faugn hlirghoth f’li’hee cnilgh’ri, hrii Shub-Niggurath stell’bsna nggrah’n naflCthulhu bug ftaghu gotha naflAzathoth, vulgtm Chaugnar Faugn nog zhro Azathoth mnahn’ Hastur throd. Nog Hastur ftaghu phlegeth ee mg fhtagn Shub-Niggurath ilyaa Shub-Niggurath, wgah’n grah’noth nnnooboshu nw cshagg nw lw’nafh h’y’hah, kadishtu llll ah mnahn’ nog y-Dagon llll lw’nafh.

Perfect for writers, designers, and aspiring cultists!


About S_Cogswell

Simeon Cogswell is a freelance designer, layout artist, and PR guy in the RPG and board game industry.