No Soul Left Behind Excerpt: Hell’s Engine

engineNo Soul Left Behind is nearing release and it includes many new aspects and other abilities for hellbinders to try out. Hell’s Engine is one of these powers, demonstrated by the villain Headless Headsman:

Hell has a lot of moving parts. Hell’s Engine lets you borrow one of them. Turning on Hell’s Engine temporarily replaces a body part with one of the endlessly inventive torture devices from the pit. It’s the same item every time, but the whoever picks this aspect (screwtape or human) gets to design it. The other party gets to decide what human body part is replaced by the infernal contraption. To use Headless Headsmen from the campaign as an example, Donovan’s player probably chose to trade a body part for a giant pair of body-cleaving scissors straight from the blackest pit of damnation. It seems like a pretty badass thing a human would want to have. His screwtape is probably the dick that decided the scissors should replace his head because, you know, demons.

The device never destroys the ability of the limb replaced. Headless Headsman can magically see out of his scissor head. Ro-borg Cy-man Manbot’s bone gatling gun arm can bend its barrels to pick things up just like his hand would. If your character has a fire hose that shoots acid for a leg, it whips around in such a way that you can still walk on it.

Want the rules for this? Pick up No Soul Left Behind and get 6 new aspects, 10 new powers, 7 new devilish devices, rules for building lairs, and a lot more!