The Kerberos Club at Patreon

The Kerberos Club, that most notoriously Strange establishment of Victorian London, has insinuated itself upon Patreon:

Apparently it threatens to reveal secrets of its adventures, allies, and enemies if enough people donate to it. Common cash seems a paltry motivator for such a storied group as the Kerberans; but then again they’re often accused of motivations far worse.

The first proposed project Benjamin Baugh’s treatise on the “Académie scientifique pour les jeunes dames,” a Paris school that provides a Strange education to young girls with singular gifts. The Kerberos Club knows little about the school (“many in the Club failed to even recognize it until Parisian schoolgirls were chasing one another about the skies of the city in balsa and clockwork ornithopters”). Perhaps Patreon supporters will change that.

Kerberos Club at Patreon