‘No Soul Left Behind,’ a ‘Better Angels’ campaign at Kickstarter

We are thrilled to announce the Kickstarter campaign for No Soul Left Behind, Caleb Stokes’ 200-page campaign for Better Angels.


No Soul Left Behind features ten adventures covering an action-packed (and demon-packed) year at a charter school in a troubled neighborhood. The player characters start off as ordinary teachers or students just trying to get by. When things go really wrong for the previous batch of supervillains, these non-villainous normals inherit their demons.

Time for a thought exercise. Let’s say you’re a more-or-less good sort who suddenly has superpowers — and you have a demon that constantly demands ridiculous acts of crime. What do you do? How about you commit those over-the-top superpowered crimes — and you try to save the world along the way. Or at least the city. Or maybe just the school. I mean, you do what you can, right?

No Soul Left Behind works as a perfect introduction to Better Angels, because it lets you introduce everything to the players at the same time as their characters. And if you’re a Better Angels veteran looking for new adventures and villainy, how do you like the sound of TWO HUNDRED PAGES of new adventures and villainy? Yeah. We like the sound of it, too.

Your own demon is keening, demanding that you back this project. You have to keep it quiet—we know. Pledge now.