The Kerberos Club: A Grand Campaign

Viktor Eikman recently told the Cult of ORE group about his long-running game of The Kerberos Club, the Wild Talents setting of Victorian superhero action and intrigue by Benjamin Baugh:

Any Kerberos fans out there might be interested to know that eight players and I have completed a 58-session “grand campaign” in the world of the Kerberos Club, stretching from 1798 to 1874 at a fairly even pace.

I used a number of Baugh’s plot seeds to write everything, but dialled down the Red and brought in a lot of alternate history thinking, based loosely on The Difference Engine.

I devised some house rules for long-term character development, including a version of the sanity system from Nemesis (or Unknown Armies). Those rules are in English, here. There’s a character sheet to go with them.

I made a massive amount of other write-ups, some 120,000 words in total describing the development of the world and the various adventure plots. That information is in Swedish, but if you want it, it’s also up on the web.

The whole campaign took me a little over three years, and was of course great fun.

With Viktor’s permission, here’s an index of the online pages run through Google Translate from Swedish to English.

Congratulations to Viktor and his friends on an amazing campaign, and thanks for sharing it with us.

The Kerberos Club