‘Delta Green: Tales from Failed Anatomies’ coming to stores July 2014

Delta Green: Tales from Failed Anatomies coverPRESS RELEASE

Desperate intrigue meets cosmic terror in ‘Delta Green: Tales from Failed Anatomies’

New collection of Cthulhu Mythos stories by Dennis Detwiller coming to stores in July 2014

Chelsea, Ala., February 21, 2014Delta Green: Tales from Failed Anatomies, a new collection of horror fiction in the award-wining Delta Green series of novels, anthologies and games, is coming to stores in paperback in July 2014. Ebook versions and a limited hardback edition will be available. Published by Arc Dream Publishing, Delta Green: Tales from Failed Anatomies is written by Dennis Detwiller with an introduction by John Scott Tynes and two bookend stories, an afterword and foreword of sorts, by Robin D. Laws.

Delta Green: Tales from Failed Anatomies features short stories of cosmic terror and desperate intrigue within Delta Green, the desperate organization that Detwiller helped create: a group of men and women who have seen the awful truths of reality and struggle to keep those realities at bay as long as they can. Delta Green agents bring the best (and worst) of human resources and intentions to bear against impossible horrors—cosmic terrors against which humanity itself is insignificant.

The stories, and the year in which each is set, include:

  • The Alien Thoughts, Part 1 (by Robin D. Laws)
  • Intelligences (1928)
  • The File (1942)
  • Night and Water (1944)
  • Dead, Death, Dying (1955)
  • Punching (1964)
  • The Secrets No One Knows (1968)
  • Coming Home (1974)
  • The Thing in the Stairwell (1977)
  • Drowning in Sand (1981)
  • Contingencies (1984)
  • Philosophy (1993)
  • Witch Hunt (2015)
  • After Math (20__)
  • The Alien Thoughts, Part 2 (by Robin D. Laws)

Delta Green first appeared in a series of game books that are still widely regarded as some of the best ever published. Recent publications in its award-winning fiction line include Delta Green: Strange Authorities and Delta Green: Through a Glass, Darkly.

Delta Green: Tales from Failed Anatomies was funded in a Kickstarter campaign that hit its mark only twelve hours after launch. Enough new stories were funded in the course of the campaign that another new collection, Delta Green: Tales from Failed Anatomies Volume 2, will appear soon.

For more about Delta Green, visit www.delta-green.com.



My view was a gap between thin, tall tress with a spray of ferns between them, and a wall of black beyond that. Then the blackness moved. Something like liquid shadow wrapped around a tree trunk and gave it a casual tug, popping it in half like someone snapping a popsicle stick. It sounded like a celery stick amplified a million times and transmitted through the ground until it resonated in my teeth.

I sat still, breath caught in my throat, unable to move.

Then he was there, grabbing me by the jacket, yanking me up so hard it ripped and sprayed feathers everywhere, pulling me away from the shadow just as it let loose a burbling, glottal chunk of consonants, like an instrument formed by human vocal chords exploring its range. Near the end of the gibberish it said:


—From “Philosophy,” a story in Delta Green: Tales from Failed Anatomies.
Written by Dennis Detwiller, © 2014. Reprinted by permission.

(Permission granted to reprint as long as the attribution from the previous two lines is included in full.)


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