Power Packages for ‘GODLIKE’

“For the last 30 years the world of science has examined the Talents and asked ‘How do they do it?’ I think the time has come to move forward, gentlemen. Let us not ask how they do it, but why.” — Dr. Lucas Toliver, 5 October 1966.

Back when GODLIKE first came out, we put together a series of ‘power packages’ showing different ways to build and combine superpowers, from “high realism” packages at the usual limit of 25 Will Points to cinematic and four-color packages for more exotic campaigns with budgets of 50 or even 100 Will Points. Most of the higher-power packages are based on well-known comic book and movie characters.

These power packages have been updated and edited based on the revised paperback edition of the rulebook.

Godlike superhero roleplaying game in PDF and paperbackHIGH-REALISM POWER PACKAGES

  • Panic Attack (22 Will Points)
  • The Power of ‘No’ (20 Will Points)
  • Punchout (25 Will Points)
  • Rewind Time (20 Will Points)
  • Snapshot (18 Will Points)
  • Tiger (24 Will Points)


  • The Silhouette (48 Will Points)
  • The Super Soldier (48 Will Points)
  • Look! Up In the Sky! (48 Will Points)
  • Raider of the Lost Archaeology (48 Will Points)
  • The Dragon (48 Will Points)


  • The Human Spider (70 Will Points)
  • Optic Blaster (70 Will Points)
  • Body of Steel (72 Will Points)
  • The Killing Machine (92 Will Points)
  • Child of the Atom (92 Will Points)