The Dysfashionator – A Gadget for ‘Better Angels’

Better-Angels-cover-v4-front-612pxWritten by Greg Stolze, © 2013

The Dysfashionator

This weapon against the vanity of wealth is disguised as a camera and was intended for use on people who find it entirely too tiresome when strangers take their photo.  But it does not actually create images.  Instead, it destroys them.

It works like this.  A beautiful woman in a Versace gown approaches the door to Le Gavroche on the arm of a man in a beautifully tailored Seville Row suit, their impeccable loveliness only marred (or is it, perhaps, enhanced?) by a sneer of distaste at the paparazzo who snaps a picture of them as they enter.  Gradually, however, her clothes transform around her, becoming slumpy, brown, pilly polyester.  Similarly, his suit gets shiny at the elbows and seat, its tasteful lapels widening to a coarse degree as the whole shape of it subtly contorts to frame his worst features.  Within half an hour, their garments are absolute disasters.

The bitch of it is, they themselves are unable to see the transformation.  They believe they are just as stylish as when they set out.  They can only perceive the alterations a half hour or more after undressing… or when they see photographic evidence provided by the other paparazzi who get anonymous tips about power couples in the traditional costumes of the powerless.

This Minor Environmental Change objects cost 1 Generosity to create and has no flaws.

Written by Greg Stolze, © 2013