Promote Your Cthulhu Community Free with Unspeakable Oath Subscriptions

The Unspeakable Oath recently launched its 2013 subscription drive. As a key part of that drive we’re making a special offer to Cthulhu Mythos communities. If your fans and community members subscribe to the Oath, you get free advertising in the magazine.

When each issue is published, the community with the most mentions at that time gets the coveted back-cover ad in full color as well as a web ad.

The community with the second most mentions gets a full-page ad inside the magazine as well as a web ad. The magazine ad will be black and white in print but can be color in the PDF versions.

The community with the third most mentions gets a half-page adinside the magazine as well as a web ad.  The magazine ad will be black and white in print but can be color in the PDF versions.

The more total subscribers we get, the longer the ads will run. At 150 subscribers, the free ads will run in TUO 24. If we get 300 subscribers or more, they’ll run in BOTH issues 24 and 25.

As usual, all ads are subject to approval by the editor.

How to Get Counted

For your community to get counted, list the community’s URL in the “Special Instructions of Comments About Your Order” field when you place the order.

Here’s how to do it. First, pick your subscription at the online store, whether it’s in PDF or in print with a free PDF of each issue.

Next, go to the Shopping Cart page to check out.


Click the “Go to Checkout” button. Remember to use this button, not the “Check Out with PayPal” button right below it. Only the “Go to Checkout” button will call up the all-important Comments field on the next page.


On the “Delivery Information” page, type the URL of your community in the “Special Instructions of Comments About Your Order”field.

List just one URL. If you list more than one, we’ll count only the first one that you list.

That’s it. Complete your checkout and you’re done. You get four amazing issues of The Unspeakable Oath and your favorite website, community, or company gets free ad space — if it got enough supporters.

Counting Prior Orders

Did you order a subscription already without listing your favorite community or company in the Special Instructions or Comments field? All is not lost. Send an email to with the order number from your email receipt and the URL you want to list. We’ll make sure you get counted.

Today’s Count

As of July 30, 2013, we have had exactly ONE order list a community in the Special Instructions or Comments field. That community is, so Paul and company at YS are lined up to get the back cover of The Unspeakable Oath 24 this fall.

  • 1
  • The Rest of the World: 0

Do you have a podcast, website or product you want to promote? Send  subscribers our way. The competition for the best ads in TUO 24 and 25 has just begun.