‘Better Angels’ Tips: Picking Your Primary Sinful Strategy

Better-Angels-cover-v4-front-612pxWhen you create your Better Angels supervillain, you must choose your demon’s Primary Sinful Strategy. Choose very carefully!

Tip 1: Don’t make your Primary Sinful Strategy one that you use for any of your powers or aspects. Once play begins, after all, you’ll want to raise any trait associated with your powers as often as possible so they are more reliable. But raising the Primary Sinful Strategy to 5 begins the hell-dragging process, which instantly changes the focus of play—while your demon takes over your body and starts doing truly abonimable things—and has a strong chance to end your character altogether.

Tip 2: Beware of picking Sly as the Primary Strategy. Sly is dangerous for a Primary even if you don’t have any Sly powers or aspects. Remember, supervillains get in fights. If you suffer physical attacks and you run out of Endurance, further damage starts sliding your Open stat to Sly. It’s bad enough that you’re getting beaten to a pulp—if you slide enough to bring Sly to 5 and that’s Primary, you’ve been beaten literally straight to hell!

Tip 3: Boost its virtuous opposite all the way to 4. Pick your Primary ahead of time so you can assign your stats intelligently in Step One. Boosting your Primary Sinister Strategy’s virtuous opposite to 4 dots consumes eight precious points of your traits budget, but it’s the only way to make sure that your Screwtape can’t jack the Primary Sinful Strategy any higher than 3. If your Screwtape sets the Primary to 4, you’re only one bad day away from automatic hell-dragging the second it gets slid to 5.

To make your choice easier, here’s a list of the powers and aspects based on each of the Sinister Strategies, including new ones we’ve added on the website.

Cunning Alchemy, Animal Form, Psychic Objects, Summon Cloven Hooves, Ghost Form, Wings
Sly Banish, Dominator Strike Aqua-Form, Carapace, Giant, Horned
Devious Body Control, Impossible Beauty, Terror, Wither Darkness-Shrouded, Flame-Wreathed, Invisible