‘Delta Green: Eyes Only’ and ‘Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity’ now available in PDF

The latest two sourcebooks in the legendary Delta Green setting for Call of Cthulhu are now available in PDF from DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

Delta Green: Eyes Only features extensive chapters on the conspiracies of the Fungi from Yuggoth, the occult syndicate called the Fate, the devastating aftermath of U.S. military teleportation research in Project Rainbow, details on tradecraft issues that many Delta Green player characters face, and three nightmarish adventures dealing with the Mi-Go, the Fate, and the technology of Project Rainbow: “A Night on Owlshead Mountain,” “Holy War,” and “Artifact Zero.” Delta Green: Eyes Only is written by Dennis Detwiller, Adam Scott Glancy, and Shane Ivey.

Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity presents five all-new organizations to threaten (or perhaps aid) Delta Green investigators: Black Cod Island, an isolated and secret-choked community in the Pacific Northwest; M-EPIC, a Canadian agency dedicated to supernatural investigations; the Disciples of the Worm, a gruesome cult devoted to immortality at an awful cost; the DeMonte Clan, an inhuman family in the corrupt heart of New Orleans; and the Cult of Transcendence, a world-spanning conspiracy of conspiracies, all of them insane and shockingly dangerous.   It also includes extensive new options and tools to add depth and horror to modern-day Call of Cthulhu games. Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity is written by Warren Banks, Dennis Detwiller, Adam Scott Glancy, Kenneth Hite, Shane Ivey, and Greg Stolze.

These are not scans of the books — they were created from the original design files for top digital quality. Both PDF editions are fully bookmarked for easy reference.

Delta Green: Eyes Only and Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity were produced by Arc Dream Publishing and published by Pagan Publishing in limited hardback editions in 2007 and 2010, respectively. Eyes Only is also available in paperback in stores through major retail distributors. Pagan Publishing’s Adam Scott Glancy has said he expects to hold a Kickstarter project to fund a paperback print run of Targets of Opportunity in large enough quantities to make it available to stores worldwide.

'Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity' in PDF

‘Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity’ in PDF

'Delta Green: Eyes Only' in PDF

‘Delta Green: Eyes Only’ in PDF

'Delta Green: Eyes Only' in paperback

‘Delta Green: Eyes Only’ in paperback