Strange FATE System Reference Document (In Progress)

Mike Olson (with tiny amounts of feedback from me as editor) wrote the “Strange FATE” rules engine that powers the FATE edition of Benjamin Baugh’s The Kerberos Club. Mike and I decided to make pretty much the whole rules set Open Source to encourage its use, but we haven’t had the time to put together a proper System Reference Document to make that easy.

One of the fans has stepped up.

Quoting Mike’s blog:

Hey, so this is very cool: user thecosmicgoose has extracted the OGL bits from The Kerberos Club (FATE Edition) and made a system-reference document out of it. Now, admittedly, it’s basically two chapters from the book with all the non-OGL stuff excised, so it’s not exactly pretty, but hey, what do you want? No doubt the it’ll be subject to some prettification later, and by someone other than me, because man, I do not know what I’m doing on that front.

You can find the SRD here. I have also uploaded the SRD file to our website (here) for easy access. If you are the one to take the document and make it look more fine, please send it our way!

In 2013 we plan to publish an expanded, self-contained version of the Strange FATE rules as a standalone game with many more options. Watch this site for details as we go.