Supervillain RPG ‘Better Angels’ coming in fiendishly full color

Thanks to backers’ amazing support, the Better Angels project at Kickstarter has crossed $15K! When Better Angels comes out in print it will be a gorgeous, full-color hardback.

AND backers get a free, detailed starter adventure to kick off a campaign.

AND an interactive Better Angels character data web page and mobile app where you can log in to store and modify your characters and customize your versions of the pregenerated characters from the game.

AND a new Better Angels short story.

AND a collection of six one-sheet Better Angels scenario seeds, each of which you can quickly adapt to your own campaign for a full night of play.

AND we still have more than two weeks to go!

What’s next? In the next few days — after Greg returns from selling his excellent novels at Booth 140 at Wizard World Chicago, before we all leave for GenCon Indianapolis; so, basically, Monday or Tuesday! — we aim to post a NEW stretch goal or two as rewards for your continued support. But what should those new ambitious goals be?

Go to the Comments page for Better Angels to tell us what you’d most like to see!