Better Angels now at Kickstarter

BETTER ANGELS is a new supervillain roleplaying game by Greg Stolze. Players take the roles of once-normal men and women who have become haunted by demons that gave them terrible power and demand terrible deeds — and who try to perform deeds just terrible enough to appease their demons without doing too much real harm in the world.

If you ever wondered why some comic book villains’ plots to RULE THE WORLD! are so very, very ludicrous and foolish . . . well, here’s one explanation. That villain could be YOU.

From July 27 to August 26, we are running a Kickstarter fundraiser to allow Better Angels to see the light of day.


Better Angels is written by Greg Stolze, edited by Shane Ivey and James Knevitt, tested thoroughly by an awesome playtest team on the Arc Dream forums, and illustrated by Todd Shearer. Graphic design will be by one of Arc Dream’s excellent designers, depending on scheduling.

The basic goal of the fundraiser is to cover the costs of art, design, editing, and an advance on the writing. That’ll allow us to produce two digital editions — one in PDF and one in ebook format for e-readers such as Kindle, Nook, and iPad — and a black and white paperback.

What we REALLY want to see is a full-color edition! That’s what’ll happen if the fundraiser goes way beyond its basic goal.

So help us spread the word! Pass the link around to your friends by email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, whatever you got. BETTER ANGELS DEMANDS IT!