The Unspeakable Oath in the Best of 2011

Ed Healy and Rone Barton at Gamerati talked to game stores to put together the 100 hottest-selling game products of 2011The Unspeakable Oath made the list! We’re at No. 65. Listen to the Best of 2011 episode of the RPG Countdown podcast and you can hear me blather about how happy I was to restart the Oath. (Surprise!)

rpgcountdown.comOn top of that, they’re holding an awesome giveaway. Go to a game store before March 15 and buy The Unspeakable Oath (or, technically, any product on the list) and you could win $2,011!

WE CAN HELP! Be sure to tell the store ahead of time that you need The Unspeakable Oath so they have time to get it. To buy it they can either talk to me directly (Shane Ivey,, 205-296-6670) or order it along with a host of other great games from Cubicle 7 Entertainment ( We’ll put them on our Store Locator Map, too.

And tell the store that by helping you enter the contest not only do they make a sale, they also get in the running for $2,011 worth of free advertising on the Gamerati network.

Good luck!