‘Delta Green: Through a Glass, Darkly’ Now Available in Hardcover

The hardcover limited edition of Delta Green: Through a Glass, Darkly is now available at the Arc Dream online store.

Pardon me while I say, “HELL YEAH.”

Hell, yeah!

After an awful lot of work, that’s a copy of Delta Green: Through a Glass, Darkly in my own eager hand.

And here it is on my shelf. Hell, yeah.

The warehouse confirms that all copies of Through a Glass, Darkly have been shipped to supporters of the Kickstarter fundraiser who did not request autographed copies. If yours doesn’t arrive by November 21, contact shane.ivey@gmail.com and we’ll sort it out. (And to everyone who contributed: THANK YOU!)

As of November 14, author Dennis Detwiller is still signing books for patrons who opted for autographed copies. He is mailing those himself so it’s slow going — please be patient.

This limited hardcover edition includes a cloth cover with copper foil embossing under a glossy dustjacket.

Glossy and embossy.

Order the hardcover limited edition of Delta Green: Through a Glass, Darkly now.

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