Kerberan Corrections

Some very diligent readers have helped us scour The Kerberos Club (FATE Edition) and correct a bunch of minor errors in the text, particularly in the costs of some NPCs’ skills. We have updated the PDF files on the Arc Dream web store and on RPGNow, so if you’ve downloaded the PDF, please download the latest version. If you have trouble downloading the new version, please email for help.

We’ve also added our bundle of free downloads — the Kerberos Club (FATE Edition) Quickstart Guide, the form-fillable character sheet, a Kerberos FATE reference sheet, and the handy two-page “How to Play FATE” summary from the book — to the book download and to the free quickstart download.

Finally, for those of you who buy The Kerberos Club (FATE Edition) in print (or have already bought it, or have gotten it as a comp copy), we plan to make a replacement available with all the corrections just for the cost of printing and mailing it. We’ll post details when that comes together in a few days.

Britain needs heroes! Order and download The Kerberos Club (FATE Edition) today.