‘Through a Glass, Darkly’ Preview 3

Flames Rising has a new preview of Delta Green: Through a Glass, Darkly, the new novel from Dennis Detwiller and Arc Dream Publishing.

They had paid their debts, or so he liked to imagine. But it was never over, once you were in; it was never over until you were over. It had taken McRay nine years to learn that. Poe had taught him by example. Donald A. Poe — “Charlie” to those within the conspiracy — was the model agent of Delta Green.

“I don’t see how you could have shot me,” Poe replied quietly, in a gravelly voice. The burn scar on his cheek rippled in time with the words. “I shot you first.” Someone laid on a horn so hard and so long McRay was sure some mechanical failure had occurred. Poe didn’t even flinch.

“Let me guess: bad news?” McRay sighed. Suddenly he was glad he had cashed in a month of vacation time. He had planned on visiting New York City for two weeks before drifting back into the Buffalo FBI office. Now, it seemed, he would be on an op instead.

“Nice tan. Yeah, I got the call yesterday. Came through Benton. Two tickets to the Opera. We’re on a plane in,” Poe glanced at his huge silver watch, “twenty-two minutes.”

“So what’s the deal? Missing person? Creature feature?”

Poe grabbed one of McRay’s bags, the big one, like it was filled with tissue paper, and walked back into the Delta terminal. McRay followed. Poe said something but it was lost in the mechanical slam of the doors.


“I said, ‘Found person.’”

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