Progenitor: Not Talking About the War

Progenitor is a Wild Talents setting sourcebook by Greg Stolze. Clocking in at 376 pages, it includes a host of fascinating characters and a detailed timeline of the world from 1968, the year the Progenitor—Amanda Sykes—first appeared on the public scene, to 1999, when she disappears from it forever.

But more than that, Progenitor includes rules and guidelines that allow you to explore how the player characters—men, women or children who gained superhuman powers after being exposed to the superhuman powers of others—can change the world around them. Progenitor is built for your players to alter history by their own actions, no matter which year you choose for the starting point of your game.

Progenitor isn’t about a fixed history. It’s about giving players the power to change the world.

It all starts with Amanda Sykes, an ordinary American woman who inexplicably gains extraordinary powers. Fittingly, the book itself starts with a story of Amanda, a magazine article that tries to find out what the most powerful woman in the world is really all about. That gives you, the reader, a sense of what the world of Progenitor itself is all about.

Progenitor is available in print and in PDF. If you buy it in print you can get the PDF free. And when you get the PDF, whether you order it on its own or you get it with a print copy, you also get the PDF of the complete Wild Talents rules, Wild Talents Essential Edition, free. That’s everything you need for years of world-changing, action-packed superpowered gaming.

Please enjoy this preview. Progenitor is (c) Greg Stolze. Illustrations are (c) Todd Shearer. Page design is by Jessica Hopkins.

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