Mi-Go’Jirra, the Fungus Lizard, King of the Monsters!

For the games he ran at GenCon 2010, Monsters and Other Childish Things author Benjamin Baugh wanted to do an old-school dungeon crawl.

Well, sort of.

Instead of old-school it would be with Monsters and Other Childish Things. And instead of a dungeon it would be a quest inside the gigantic body of Mi-Go’Jirra, the biggest monster of Bigger Bads, to help the big lug recover from some alien infestation.

See "Bigger Bads" for Mi-Go'Jirra in all his glory.
See “Bigger Bads” for Mi-Go’Jirra in all his glory.

We recruited genius cartographer Sean Macdonald to turn Ben’s hand-drawn maps into things of wonder and grossness.

Now we’re turning the map over to you, so you can build your own adventure around whatever’s ailing the King of the Monsters.

Inside Mi-Go'Jirra, the Fungus Lizard (click to ENLARGE)

Inside Mi-Go’Jirra, the Fungus Lizard (click to ENLARGE)

Here are some of Ben’s and my early notes to get you started.

Inside Mi-Go’Jirra

Walls and chambers are wobbly and curved and organic.

The innards are complex and convoluted, with lots of little pockets and chambers off the main organs.

Throw in things like pools of slime, blisters and oozing glands, contracting sphincters… basically the standard features of a dungeon translated into living innards.

Also, fungus and spores and mushrooms of every inconceivable type. Go nuts with the fungus.

For parasite minis, I’ll use candy… gummy worms and such.  Players can eat their kills.

Windpipe and Lungs

Weird growths and giant cilia like stalagmites and stuff.


Stretches cavernously from under the Liver to under the Lungs. It’s filled with partially-digested cars and wreckage and people and elephants and whales and monsters.


Solid mass with a few thin tunnel-like ducts running through it from the Stomach and the Little Gland Thing. Inside the Liver little side “tunnels” that end in cavelike cysts run off from the main ducts.

Large arteries lead to the Heart and the Spleen.


Nestled up between the Liver and Spleen. Like an open cave connected to the Liver by a tunnel-like duct.


Have it kind of nestled up against the Liver and Stomach. A solid mass with an artery that connects to the Liver. A spiderweb of smaller veins run from the artery throughout the Spleen like little tunnels.


Big, wide, twisty chasm-like tunnels going back and forth, with loads of debris like little shattered parts of cars and tanks and convenience stores and things.

The guts end at the You-Know-What, tapering off to the Final and Ultimate Sphincter.