Cinematic Power Packages for ‘GODLIKE’

“It has been confirmed. Nazi forces have crossed the Polish frontier, led by their Super-man.” — Edward R. Murrow, September 8, 1939


Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

Detect Evil 2hd (14 Points)
(Defends, Useful Outside of Combat, Robust 4/8/16)
Flaw: Detection power covers only “Evil” –0/–1/–2

Fade 5d (10 Points)
(Useful Outside of Combat, Robust 3/6/12)
Flaw: Usable only in shadows –1/2/4

Hyperskill: Pistols 6d+2Wd (14 Points)

Cloud Minds 5d (10 Points)
(Attacks, Defends 3/6/12)
Note: Each Match removes 1 Width from target’s roll
Flaw: Must lock eyes with target –1/2/4

Total 48 Will Points.



Once he was a 4-F, until the serum made him into something more than human.

Hyperstat: Body +1wd (10 Points)

Hyperstat: Cool +1wd (10 Points)

Hyperstat: Coordination +1wd (10 Points)

Extra Tough 2 (8 Points)

Block 2d+2wd (10 Points)
Flaw: Focus [Flag-Painted Shield] –2/4/8.

Total: 48 Will Points



After 1943, Talents resembling a certain popular comic-book become increasingly common.

Flight 2hd (8 points)
(Attacks, Defends, Robust, Useful Outside of Combat. 5/10/20)
[Top Speed: 580 yards per round, or 395 mph.]
Extra: No Altitude Limit +2/+4/+8
Flaw: Beacon -4/-8/-16
Flaw: Expensive -1/-2/-4
Flaw: Running Start -1/-2/-4

Super Speed 5d (5 points)
(Defends, Robust, Useful Outside of Combat. 4/8/16)
Attached to Flight (-1/-2/-4)
Slow Braking (-2/-4/-8)

Heavy Armor 4 (20 points)
Flaw: Can’t Interfere -2

Hyperstat: Body 3d +1wd (16 points)

Total: 45 Will Points



Whether male or female, this Talent’s sense of dramatic timing, combined with skill in gun or whip, ruins the Nazis’ plans to acquire occult treasures for their Führer.

Aces 2wd (24 points)
Flaw: Conditional: Aces is only usable in life-or-death situations –2/4/8.
Side Effect: Always appears as if the Talent succeeds just in the nick of time.

Hyperstat: Cool +1Wd (10 points)

Hyperstat: Coordination +1Wd (10 points)

Total: 44 Will Points.


Alternate Form 2hd (8 Points) [Form of 20′ long dragon]
Flaw: Mental Strain –2/4/8
Flaw: Nervous Habit [Must raise arms and roar like a Dragon] –1/2/4

Hyperstat: Body +7d (7 Points)
Flaw: Attached to Alternate Form –1/2/4

Extra Tough 2 (14 Points)
(Attacks, Defends, Robust)
Flaw: Attached to Alternate Form –1

Flight 2hd (4 Points)
Flaw: Attached to Alternate Form –1/–2/–4
Flaw: Exhausting –1/2/4
Flaw: Running Start –1/2/4

Fiery Breath 5d+1Wd (9 Points)
(Attacks, Useful Outside of Combat, Robust 4/8/16)
Extra: Burn +1/+2/+4
Flaw: Attached to Alternate Form –1/2/4
Flaw: Graphic –1/2/4
Flaw: Go Last –2/4/8

Heavy Armor 3 (6 Points)
(Defends, Robust, Useful Outside of Combat)
Flaw: Attached to Alternate Form –1
Flaw: Beacon –4

Total 48 Will Points.

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